Pop Culture Beast Podcast: Ben Bergman

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Episode 5: Ben Bergman!
ben bergman inside

This is the first time that the picture above has been of both the guest of the show and the host of the show.  We were at a comedy festival and a friend named Sam Ash McHale took this picture of us.  That girl also introduced me to my girlfriend.  She’s doing well, thanks for asking.  By the way, the shirt that I am wearing above made a lady yell out MULTIPLE TIMES that I looked like a street cone and I took it wrong and called her a word that I’m not going to type here.  It was the only time I’ve ever called someone that and it seemed as though it was the first time she had been called that.  I think half the audience was on my side, so that was good.  Well, there’s a podcast to listen to below.  Listen!


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Matt RiggsPop Culture Beast Podcast: Ben Bergman