Preacher Recap: Pig

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Preacher Recap: Pig

We open with a rural Vietnamese couple witnessing one of their pigs floating. Does this have something to do with God?

The folks in white send an operative to check it out. This is where we meet Herr Starr. Creepy bastard. He also doesn’t seem too happy about the floating pig.

Back in New Orleans, a strange sort of street patrol looks for drunk or dead people.

“This one’s for you, Charlie.”

A street preacher goes on about impending Armageddon. Jesse, Cas and Tulip have hit yet another jazz club with no luck, and Denis isn’t sounding so good. So, they decide to go have a little fun.

Of course, their idea of fun involves swindling people. They go to a club called the Hurt Locker, where guys shoot each other while wearing bulletproof vests and take bets on how many they can take before they can’t stand up. Tulip shoots at Cassidy while Jesse pretends to be the righteous priest. She takes the biggest gun, as it pays the most, and once the bets are laid, she shoots him. Of course, being a vampire, he’s fine, but they pretend like he’s dead.

Jesse suggests calling the police, and the room empties. The cash is theirs.

“I am having fun.”

The trio stop at a bar to drink, and it’s pretty clear Tulip is trying to drink away memories of her near death experience with The Saint. She asks Jesse if he’s really gone, and Jesse lies and said he’s in Hell.

A French professor sitting down the bar informs Cassidy that Denis has been trying to tell him that he’s dying, and he wants Cassidy to turn him into a vampire. Cassidy refuses. He doesn’t want to inflict his life on his son.

In Vietnam, Herr Starr phones his cronies to inform them that it’s serious, people are praying to a pig, and to ‘prep the invalid scientist’. Don’t like the sound of that. He starts to request more men for something, but tells the caller never mind while looking at the cloudy water he’s been handed to drink. Is he going to poison the populace, or find a way to say the floating pig is a hallucination?

“I was young and careless…once.”

We see Herr Starr back when he first joined the men in white (known as The Grail). His interview was…interesting. It seems the organization had a draw for him.

Cassidy’s evening out must have been fun, as he gets scooped up by the street patrol as dead–which in a way, he is.

Tulip keeps having nightmares about The Saint. I doubt she’s going to be happy with Jesse if she finds out he’s lied to her. She’s getting pretty jumpy.

She’s feeling like something isn’t right. Could it be that on some level, she already knows?

“Going to talk to a guy about the end of the world.”

Cassidy wakes up in the morgue body locker.

We see some of Herr Starr’s training, and he’s one twisted dude. He goes through all sorts of tests, and kills his competition in the end to get his position in the organization. He’s told at the end of the trial that Christ lives in a top secret location protected by machine guns. He fathered children, and The Grail exists to keep his lineage safe for the end of the world. They also rid the world of anyone who becomes a false prophet.

Herr Starr cements his position in his new home by pushing the recruiter off his balcony and assuming his position of authority.

“So watch your asses.”

Jesse goes to visit the crazy street preacher. They talk about Armageddon. He mentions the flying pig to Jesse.

Cassidy finally gets out of the morgue locker, and passes a room where a family is mourning their dead. From the look on his face, it’s clear he may be thinking of Denis’ impending death. Or is it envy?

Tulip goes back to the Hurt Locker. She tells them what they did, and then offers to let them earn their money back by shooting her. She’s looking to clear her mind of the memories of The Saint.

Back in Vietnam, Herr Starr makes sure the pig (and the entire village) dies. They blame both the floating pig and the deaths on tainted water. The Grail sends him after Jesse next.

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