The Rock = #BlackAdam

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Rocky_2000Do you smell the untitled project that DC Entertainment is cooking?  Probably not.  But one of the ingredients involves THE ROCK and a relatively B- to C-list DC villain from the Marvel family, Black Adam. From what I know of Black Adam, he ruled the dictatorship of Khandaq during the 52-era of DC Comics, but because there have been so many reboots in recent years, I might be off as to this particular character’s bio.

I know for sure he’s the Egyptian version of Captain Marvel, who takes his powers from Egyptian gods, as opposed to Greek heroes.  Though they differ in source, both Marvel and Khem-Adam gain their powers from the wizard Shazam!

…And only Shazam knows how DC is going to pull off an extensive cinematic universe with only three Dark Knight movies (non-canonical) and one Superman movie.  They are making huge leaps in logic, considering Supes managed to save the entire Earth by himself in Man of Steel, but somehow there’s an ass-ton of superheroes out there that didn’t even make an effort to stave off Zod.  We have Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Captain Marvel, Black Adam, Blue Beetle, Black Beetle, Black Canary, the Top and of course, the Rainbow Raider.

The Untitled Project that may or may not contain the ROCK is set to release between August 2016 and June 2020.

Black Adam was created by  Otto Binder and C. C. Beck.

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TrehernThe Rock = #BlackAdam