Secret Cinema Announces Casino Royale

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Secret Cinema Bond 007

Casino Royale

Secret Cinema is back – presenting another night that is part movies, part interactive-in-a “Tony and Tina’s Wedding”-way theatre, with some voluntary cosplay thrown in that can might border

Secret Cinema Casino Royale

do you have what it takes to enter the world of Bond?

on watching someone else’s fantasies come to life. Founded in 2007, Secret Cinema is going strong in London. Tickets are about to go on sale for their latest “movie night” and this time you’re entering the dangerous world of 007.

Casino Royale will come to life at a secret London location on May 29, 2019 , running through mid-June. Tickets go on sale Thursday.

The past runs of these movie events have been huge successes – a grim and wet Blade Runner, a colourful ’50s Americana Back to the Future and a well-lit and Stormtrooper-heavy Star Wars have been done to near perfection. Now it’s time for gadgets and Pussy Galore jokes.

Secret Cinema – Comic Con style role playing?

This is a #TellNoOne event, so although it’s a good guess we might be seeing Casino Royale (the Daniel Craig version, not the goofy ’60s quasicomedy), those sneaksters at Secret Cinema will keep all of the details of your night from youuntil a few weeks before, at which point you’ll get a text, directions, and your loosely assigned “character”. They ask you continue the silence when you leave. Except recommending it to friends, we assume.

Basic tickets (which confusingly run from £ 40-£79) get you in the door for the over-four hour event – not bad – but if you’d like to really feel a part of things, £125-£175 (again, no idea why the range) puts you on the VIP list, which aside from giving you a few free drinks and some food, gets extra access and past the line to get in to what most likely will be a converted warehouse somewhere in Walthamstow.

Secret Cinema

All was good at the Moulin Rouge night, til they all got TB and died, beautifully

And from what we hear, you do want to be able to skate right in. Once the location is announced, there will be hundreds of tuxedo-clad or daringly decolletaged movie fans arriving en masse, and also, the weather is always unpredictable. You don’t want your Roger Moore-era safari jacket to get soaked, you will want to get in and start your mission and have the first of many martinis.

Over 18 only and there are booking fees. Find out more here.

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