Stellar Cast of All-Female Ghostbusters Announced

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OOooEEEEooooo! Comedic supernatural forces will be invading our theaters once again, this time, with a bunch of hilarious women to save us all. The new Ghostbusters cast has been announced (via Hollywood Reporter), and girrrl, is it good.

It starts out reading like a Who’s Who of Saturday Night Live: Kristin Wiig, who I’m betting will be the capable leader of our ragtag team; Leslie Jones, a welcome surprise given her relatively recent (and much-deserved) appearance on the culture’s radar; and the over-the-top hilarious Kate McKinnon! Finally, there’s everyone’s favorite sink-pooper, Melissa McCarthy!

Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy


Who knows at this point if the writers are going to closely follow the original story, or if they’re coming up with all kinds of wacky new adventures. My money’s on the latter, with some Slimer thrown in for good measure. Or maybe there will be some modern twists, like where one of the ghosts is that of a child who contracted measles at Disneyland, and we realize the enemy is ourselves. No matter which way they go, this cast is going to lead us right into some zany scares. The all-female Ghostbusters team picked the right people to call.

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Kari TervoStellar Cast of All-Female Ghostbusters Announced