TV Review: Gotham Episode 6

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Gotham recap

After five abysmal episodes, Gotham is back with a “Halloween” themed episode titled “Spirit of the Goat.” I’m sure will be in for an episode not unlike the 1987 Dragnet film.

Starting off with a flashback from 10 years ago, a bald man says “I am the Spirit of the Goat,” dons an ill-fitting black executioner’s mask, and punches a mirror. He also kidnaps and kills woman. Bullock and his partner at the time, Diggs, rush in without back-up. We learn that Gotham has a golden rule “No Heroes.” How badly are they setting this up for Bullock’s partner to die?

The Spirit of the Goat says that he will always come back. Bullock yells “Come back from this!” and shoots the man. Also, yeah his partner dies.

We’re back in the present, where Nygma is asking a riddle about a wolf, a cabbage, and a sheep. There were more complex riddles in the ’60s Batman series. Bullock instantly recognizes that the murder victim is the work of a Goat copycat.

Barbara and Gordon have a meaningless conversation about what happened in the past and compromise letting each other into their lives. Do you think this episode is about the past? Also, Barbara totally looks like Jessica from Santa Claus is Coming to Town.


Gotham recap

Better not pout.


Montoya drops the bombshell “we’ve got Gordon” after questioning a George R.R. Martin-hat wearing bum who says he saw a shooting. Seems like she’s a little scorned. I’m still surprised that Michelle Rodriguez wasn’t up for this role.

Whilst, questioning the victim’s parents, Bullock and Gordon discover that the family’s therapist is not all she seems. The father does a weird thing with his hand, pumping it almost… that isn’t foreshadowing or anything.

Keeping with the Santa Claus is Coming to Town theme, Nygma is in the record office with a young Kristin Kringle, who is no one in the known DC Universe and a complete waste of time.

The Penguin, Pete Wentz hair and all, goes to visit his mother in a scene that only serves to show us her awful accent and have the Penguin say “I’m going to be someone in this town.” No shit, Sherlock.

Through the autopsy Bullock finds just what he was looking for, an 1813 Liberty penny sewed into the head of the victim, just like all of the previous ones. For knowing a lot about the case, Bullock has no clue why or how any of these things connect. It was left out of the media… spooky. Only Bullock and his partner (who isn’t dead?) are the remaining people who know about the coin. Seems like there is a lot of turnover in the GCPD in 10 years.

Have to have a Bruce moment where he’s watching the news and Alfred (worst parent ever) suggests he stop, but backs down when Bruce says no.

Recap: Gotham

Nygma reorganizes Kringle’s files and she freaks out. This is his way of flirting and the writers’ way of filling time. It’s episode six and we’re already having more sexual tension and melodrama than a show on The CW.

Bullock and Gordon go visit Diggs, the old partner. They trade quips and reiterate “Gotham’s Golden Rule: No Heroes.” I was expecting a wink at the camera after that line, must’ve cut it out for Riddler love story bullshit.

Diggs: “[Bullock] always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room.”

Bullock: “That’s because I’m always in a room full of idiots.” Bullock just accurately described the Gotham writers’ room.

The Goat kidnaps some bimbo from her apartment. They put Nygma on figuring out which maintenance man with keys might have called in sick in the past few days to kill the girls. What?

They also stress, yet again, how great Nygma is with puzzles. Nygma drinks from a question mark coffee mug… are you kidding me? At this point, you’re beating the horse that has long decomposed.

Nygma's Mug

Randomly showing up at an abandoned playhouse, Bullock and Gordon save the bimbo and go after the Goat. Apparently, the ill-fitting executioner’s mask has horns, less like a goat and more like baby Rudolph. This episode is more Christmas themed than Halloween themed. Gordon knocks out the goat after Bullock falls on his ass attempting to do so.

It wouldn’t be Gotham without a random appearance of Selina Kyle (she’s got to be some producer’s niece). She shows up at Wayne Manor and watches a sleeping Bruce, who is making some weird noises (re: wet dream). She sees his conspiracy board and leaves through the window… pointless.

It puts the shampoo on its head…

Penguin’s mother gives him, a grown man, a bath. They’re trying to create a Norma and Norman Bates relationship. It’s unsettling, but not in the creepy way the writers had hoped.

The Goat is now in custody and starts doing the weird thing with his hand that the first victim’s father did. Bullock exclaims the all too common expression “Holy ghost on a bicycle.”

Barbara confronted Montoya discovering she has a warrant for Gordon’s arrest for Cobblepot’s murder. Barbara then confronts Gordon about it asking him to run away, which he cannot. Like clockwork, Montoya comes to arrest Gordon, who goes willingly.

Meanwhile, Bullock confronts the therapist, who turns out to be a hypnotherapist (*cough* convenient *cough*). “Therapist, it’s a funny word… it can mean therapist, the rapist…”  umm what, Bullock?! This isn’t a Celebrity Jeopardy category. The weird hand fist clenching is to suppress an urge. Bullock spills his theory to her. She admits it and says this is therapy for the city by hypnotizing people to murder rich kids. It’d be more believable if they pulled the mask off the Goat and it was Old Man Willoughby.

The hypnotherapist tells  the father “The golden temple is open.” She then follows with an equally cryptic “kill this man.” Why even have a random code phrase? Bullock struggles to fight with a very old man as the hypnotherapist makes her way down the stairs. The Gotham writers always seem to scratch their heads at this part of the episode. “How do we get them out of this situation? I know, let’s have Bullock shoot the person like the last 5 episodes!”

Back at the GCPD, Montoya tries to arrest Bullock too, but the Commissioner isn’t having it. During the argument, Penguin just happens to walk into the GCPD forcing everyone to collectively gasp. Harvey looks at Gordon “You son of a bitch!”

So many unanswered questions that it looks a Lost finale. What was the point of the head pennies? Why even make up a Goat? Will the Riddler find love? Who cares about any of this? Find out probably never! Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel.

How do I put this? It’s getting better, but it’s still terrible. They gave this a second season!?

Gotham Episode 6: “Spirit of the Goat” is a boring 5 out of 10 1813 Liberty Pennies.

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Kyle DodsonTV Review: Gotham Episode 6