TV Review: “I’m Sorry” Season 2

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I’m Sorry

As Season 2 of truTV’s  I’m Sorry wraps up I am here to apologize to anyone who is still watching this overwritten mess.

Last year Season One debuted with writer, creator and star Andrea Savage cast as a female Larry David. Her character, Andrea Warren, was always getting herself into awkward situations at school, home, just about anywhere.  This was refreshing because we don’t usually see a woman on the small screen put herself out there like that, but unfortunately Season Two is a whole different story.

Season 2 I’m Sorry

So far the past 8 episodes have seen Savage’s character become completely obnoxious. Every scene has a “look at me, look at me” quality and if I were to look at an actual script, I would bet that 75% of the dialogue in each episode comes unedited from Savage’s mouth. Season One was based in reality while Season Two is an over the top mess. It’s just not believable anymore. One – that a person would act like she does in public is dubious, and two – that no one would inform her about her actions? Everything in this character’s world is a nonstop comedy bit and in reality that is exhausting. Not cute and certainly not funny.

The supporting cast is doing great work with the little dialogue they are given. Tom Everett Scott as Andrea’s husband Mike, Kathy Baker as her mom and Martin Mull as her dad are all hitting it out of the park but are often wasted in scenes where Savage is given all the funny lines. Sorely missing from this season is Jason Mantzoukas as Andrea’s writing partner Kyle. Mantzoukas and Savage had great chemistry together and his character was the only person in her on screen world that could and would keep her in check. Their scenes together were hysterical with these two long time friends busting each other’s balls.

This season we get a new writing partner played by “Comedy Bang! Bang!” star Scott Aukerman. Aukerman can be funny but that usually happens in the quirky comedy he creates and writes himself. On I’m Sorry he stands out like a sore thumb. Savage and Aukerman have zero chemistry and their interactions play like two people just waiting for the other to finish saying their lines so the other person can say a line. These scenes are painful.

review im sorryAndrea Savage has done some great work in the past on Veep, Episodes and The League and I do believe that I’m Sorry can get back on track if given a third season but for this reviewer Season 2 is like “Halloween” 2 through 8 let’s pretend it never happened. And if by chance you are still going to finish the last two episodes it will be because you are “hate watching it” not enjoying it.


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