Welcome to the NEW Pop Culture Beast!

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PCB-FINAL-siteWelcome to the NEW Pop Culture Beast!

Well, here we are. The brand new Pop Culture Beast is finally here. Even now it’s hard to believe that my little blog has turned into this. It’s like Pinocchio turning into a real boy. PCB has turned into a real website!

I started this website while I was working at an armored transport company years ago. I just thought that since I loved talking about movies and writing movies that maybe I should just start a blog and write about movies too. And books, and games, and music, and so Pop Culture Beast was born. I never thought it would be anything more than just my thoughts about the stuff I liked. Then it started growing and other writers came on board.

Cut to now and this brand new site is launching and I could not be happier.

I was originally going to do this as a video, and in fact that might be something that happens also, but as I tried to film it I kept finding myself overcome with emotion. It’s been a rough year for me and the absolute outpouring of support from so many people around the world (We had contributors from Australia!) was overwhelming. I still find myself doubting it even happened and the past couple of months have been some kind of fever dream.

The truth is that without your support, this new site would not be happening. Without you, Pop Culture Beast may never have evolved beyond that standard blogger page.

But here we are. The new site is here and it’s everything I could have hoped for and that is because of all of you out there.

Pop Culture Beast started as a small place for me to nerd out abut the industry I loved. Now, it belongs to everyone out there. We’re a community now, say hello to each other, use the comment system, make PCB your home the way I made it mine years ago.

The new Pop Culture Beast will continue to be completely independent. No corporate interference. Everything you read here is the opinion of those who write here. We don’t have any shadow owners whispering in our ears about what we can and cannot say. We’re legit, we’re honorable, and we will remain completely independent.

I want to take a moment and give a huge thank you to Jimmy Pardo, Matt Belknap, Pat Francis, Eliot Hochberg, and all of the Never Not Funny family out there. This is because of you guys. We’d never have made it to our Kickstarter goal, let alone surpassing it, without the love and support of that community. The best community in podcasting if you ask me and one I am proud to be a part of.

Jimmy and Matt have been nothing but supportive of this entire endeavor and I can’t even begin to show how grateful I am.

This wonderful website has been put together and programed and wired or whatever tubes need to be altered to make this magic happen by the AMAZING Vaughn Donahue from Destination Graphic. The guy is incredible. Give him all your business.

Writers, welcome to your new home. Readers, let us know what you think. I hope, no, I know, you’ll love it too.

It’s a whole new day for Pop Culture Beast, enjoy it because even more great stuff is coming.

Your beast,


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Garon CockrellWelcome to the NEW Pop Culture Beast!