Wes Anderson brings you “The Shining”

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UK-based Editor/Director Steve Ramsden knows what he is doing when it comes to chopping up film– you don’t get to work with legendary editor Thelma Schoonmaker (Scorsese’s best friend in the edit bay) and not pick up a few tips. But it seems he is the only one who picked up on the massive similarities between The Shining and The Grand Budapest Hotel. As a friend described Wes Anderson’s quirky little film: it’s the one where you wish an axe-murderer would get them all. (She didn’t like the movie.)

No idea if Ramsden particularly liked either of these classics, but he has combined the two into the feel good hit of the summer:  the whimsical, family-friendly (well, except for the redrum) “The Grand Overlook Hotel”. Brilliant.

Check out Steve’s website: www.steveramsden.com/



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Martina O'BoyleWes Anderson brings you “The Shining”