When Technology Meets Art: The Craft of Making Slot Games

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If someone asks you to define polar opposites, the first example that will probably pop in your head is the disparate relationship between art and science.

Archenemies co-existing in our civilization, both have blossomed over the centuries into something we today call the peak of our society. For the sake of this article, we will be turning a bit more to technology, since traditionally it is always associated with science rather than art.

Or, is that really the case?

Games, specifically those found in casinos, are the modern-day definition of entertainment. And a very popular one, at that. Gambling has existed for as long as we can remember, but only in recent years has it achieved global recognition and rapid expansion in terms of territory and audience.

What is the reason, we all asked ourselves, but the answer was standing right in front of us all along. The technological advancements coupled with internet accessibility brought gaming of all kinds straight into our homes, and it has been settled there ever since.

Different Faces of Casino Gaming

As regulated gambling gains momentum, different groups of people turn to this kind of recreation. Men and women with different interests in life all flock to online casinos for a bit of fun.

One of their favourite types of content found there are slot machines. Slots come in various shapes and sizes (later about that), but the main reason why they are so loved is that they are probably the simplest and easiest type of games that you can master in no time. Oh, and they provide a lot of cash.

They are created and published by countless software companies trying to invent something that will meet the needs of the audience in full. The main objective: something never seen before.

And exactly this is where art comes into play.

Technology is the easy part of this process. Numerous experts work round the clock to push the boundaries a little bit more with every slot, throwing algorithms, mechanics, software and similar components together in the mixing bowl. However, the real magic happens when they manage to combine technology and visual aspects into one single product wrapped with a bow – the technological work of art.


Breath-taking Aesthetics

Long gone are the days when the sole point was to create a product that primarily works. After so many years and with so many advancements in the field of technology and science, creating a simple software and engine for the game is a breeze. To illustrate that, let’s take a look at the process behind making video slots.

Before we begin, let’s just say – creating an online slot is a process comprised of millions of small and big tasks over a long period of time. Before it settles in lobbies of the top online casinos which can be found here at high-authority websites such as Casino Directory, the game will go through several phases of component creation.

The main components of each slot are the reels, paylines, symbols, and the spin button – and that’s the tip of the iceberg that players see.

Symbols appear on the reels, and the main point is to get a winning combination that the machine will pay out. Sequences are determined by Random Number Generators, which is there to ensure fairness and prevent sequence predictions. Paylines, or winning ways, represent the number of potential winning patterns, while the spin button is the virtual lever that puts everything in motion.

To make all this happen, companies employ teams of experts in different fields, so if you are curious – let’s dive deeper.

The Technical Side of Creating a Wonder

A creative team assembles to discuss ideas. When the idea for a game is born, they need to develop a concept focusing on topic, graphics, mechanics, and mathematics.

The mathematical aspect refers to the algorithms responsible for winning combinations – size and frequency of hits. At the same time, another team specialized for mechanical stuff starts working on reels – deciding how many there will be, and what kind of bonus rewards they will include. Once they finish with the outline, they get to the development phase.

Development requires close collaboration of all teams. Graphical elements merged with technical aspects is what we call the union of art and technology. Sounds, symbolism, 3D effects, background scenes and design of reels are made beautiful with the aid of graphic designers, while software developers start putting all the pieces together to make it all possible.
Once they all finish, the game is ready for rounds of tests before the final release.

Before you get the chance to play it, the slot will go through several verification processes and acquire licenses for work by some authority bodies. The marketing will come into play as well, and finally, casinos that collaborate with the provider company will have to acquire permission to display the slot in their lobbies.

Don’t Judge a Slot by Its Cover

When you look at the final product, you might think that it is easy. It’s just a game, who cares? Well, we tried to bring the entire process closer to you so that you could see and understand the amount of work that’s poured into each creation. Each member of those teams is an artist in its own way – always pushing boundaries.

We can easily say that each provider company comprises of numerous artists that create content with a signature – they just are very familiar with science and technology.

But, given the time that we live in, who isn’t?

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Garon CockrellWhen Technology Meets Art: The Craft of Making Slot Games