Why Does Pop Music Goes So Well With Gaming?

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Why does pop music goes so well with gaming?

One of the most popular ways for people to spend their spare time now is gaming. This could be playing video games on a console or PC, connecting with people online to play games with, or enjoying awesome slots at an online casino. The figures around the gaming sector certainly back this up. The global online gambling market was reported as making $48.52bn in revenue during 2018, while the world’s video game market made just under $135bn in 2018. These figures show just how popular gaming on the whole is becoming with people across the world now.

One element that helps enormously with making games appealing to play is the music that soundtracks them. While some will use genres such as rock or hip hop, it is pop music that seems to strike the right chord with most game developers. But why is pop music and gaming such a brilliant combination in most cases?

Suitable for all people and ages

The first major reason why pop music works so well with gaming overall is that anyone can listen to it. This means that any children playing a video game or online game will not be subjected to unsuitable lyrics or content. By using pop music in games, the studios that develop them and online sites that carry them are protecting themselves from bad publicity and also making their games more suitable for more people.

But what about online casino play that is only for adults? In many ways, pop music works here for the same reasons. After all, many adults do not want to be subjected to bad language or unsettling lyrics when trying to have fun online. By using pop music to soundtrack slot games, for example, the casino sites and game studios are making them more appealing to more people.

It sets the right tone for many games

Of course, this depends on the type of game in question, but for many, pop music sets the right atmosphere for players. For video games or online games that are meant to be fun or light-hearted, a noisy rock soundtrack would not sit well with the theme. It would in fact detract from the whole experience and make it less enjoyable to play. By contrast, adding some fun and upbeat pop music to such games can really help bring them to life.

This is also seen in online casino games such as video slots. These titles are often bright, lively and fun affairs, and pop music is perfect for them. By using this kind of music in games, the industry is helping to draw people into games and make them something that they want to carry on playing.

It is popular

The very name of pop music gives away its real secret – it is music that lots of people across the world like. This general appeal is very tempting for games studios to take advantage of as they know that lots of people will like it. This will then make more people want to play their games and help them to be a success. If they use big hits from major artists, then it can also make people want to buy the games in the first place or choose to play them online.

Compared to more niche musical genres such as thrash metal, pop music simply has more mass appeal on a global scale. Whether it’s video games or casino games, the same basic factor is at work and is what makes pop such a great choice for gaming.

It helps with gaming’s PR

It seems strange to remember, but there was a time before the internet and next-gen consoles when gaming was a niche interest with bad PR. It was seen as the preserve of geeks who only left their bedroom to pick up a new game or comic. Gaming has completely changed this in recent times and now has a great public image with everyone playing video or online casino games. One way that it has done this is to use mainstream music such as pop to show that it is nothing to be afraid of and something that everyone can enjoy. Pop music works so well with online and video games as it allows the whole industry to maintain a more wholesome image with the public.

Pop music and gaming are like ham and eggs

In life, there are some great combinations that you don’t mess with – Hall & Oates, cheese & onion and Tango & Cash to name but a few. Pop music and gaming can certainly be added to the list and is something that just works in many types of games. From online casino slots to fun video games, pop is the king when it comes to gaming’s soundtrack.

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Garon CockrellWhy Does Pop Music Goes So Well With Gaming?