Yet Another Social Media Platform At Risk

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Yet Another Social Media Platform At Risk

Social media goes through ebbs and flows with only a few ever remaining a constant, but there may be a big shake coming in the tech world as one of the biggest platforms may soon seen a ban around the world in part due to some shady practices – the Chinese video sharing TikTok has already been banned in India, but there are now rumblings that other countries across the world could soon follow in the same path.

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This ban has came around largely through some privacy concerns on the platform – a deep dive had been done into the TikTok code to see what was happening where it had been discovered that the app was hardly more than malware in many cases and would scrape a lot of data from a users device, this had led to a statement being made by those who had discovered it to urge users to delete the app as soon as possible, with India as mentioned being the first to directly ban the app alongside other big Chinese back apps from their marketplaces. There have recently been rumblings that this ban could also extend into the US as knowledge around the app is starting to spread, but once public opinion begins to change it could see the widespread change in opinion for the app in other countries too.

This also isn’t the first time this social media app in particular has come under fire, there had been a large number of complaints around the content that was being shared around the platform and whether or not it was fit for purpose – with some concerns that given many of the users for the app were on the younger side that there hadn’t been enough protection to keep much of this content away from these younger users. Moving forward, there may be some big changes to how these platforms can operate and the protections afforded to them to prevent this same sort of thing happening again, but as a growing number of users are less aware of what they may be in fact installing, there is also a huge chance this could be overlooked once more.

This isn’t the only change in tech and applications recently either, as online gaming has recently went through some changes due to regulation – in a bid to reduce participation options for many especially during lockdown, some platforms such as Gamstop were recently afforded more authority and had been made mandatory for all operators to register or be at risk of losing their gaming licenses, there are a number of sites that have chosen to register elsewhere to avoid this and Maximum Casinos review them, but decentralising apps like this could cause further issues.

Whether you’re using the latest social media platform or video sharing service, through to gaming in your favourite genre that may involve a small deposit of money, be sure to know exactly what is happening through your mobile device where possible to ensure you’re not being taking advantage of – whilst the TikTok evidence may not mean so much to some, we’re entering a time where privacy concerns are taken much more seriously, and this bump in the road could be the end for the video sharing platform

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Pop Culture BeastYet Another Social Media Platform At Risk