TV Review: iZombie

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Those who were hoping for a new Buffy show, you may have your wish in iZombie. Recently, I reviewed One Big Happy, and lamented about how stilted the show was, … Read More

Eliot HochbergTV Review: iZombie

TV Review: One Big Happy

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When the premise is “lesbian best friend is having her roommate’s baby, and the roommate gets married after a couple of days of a whirlwind romance to a sexy Brit … Read More

Eliot HochbergTV Review: One Big Happy

Gamergate is Terrorism

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There’s this story in the video game world called Gamergate. Many articles have covered what happened, what allegedly happened, and the wake of all of that. In a nutshell, what … Read More

Eliot HochbergGamergate is Terrorism

TV Review: Mulaney

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Looking for a stiffly directed version of Seinfeld with an Irish guy acting like a lightly effeminate¬†old Jewish man sprinkled with unbelievable situations and unbelievable prop humor? Then Mulaney fits … Read More

Eliot HochbergTV Review: Mulaney