7 Celebrities Who Love to Put Their Money on the Tables

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7 Celebrities Who Love to Put Their Money on the Tables

It’s always interesting to delve into the lives of celebrities. With all of their fame and fortune, it is fun to learn about the things they do and like. It kind of gives us the sense they are like us in some way.

With the proliferation of online gambling in America, gambling, in general, has captured the interest of people who may not have thought about gambling in the past. As interest increases in gambling, celebrities who like to gamble tend to get more attention from the general public.

The fact celebrities like to gamble should not really be a surprise. These are folks who have the means to gamble and travel wherever and whenever they want. Many of them get an introduction to some form of gambling through a role they are playing in a movie. Sometimes, celebrities get themselves in hot water over their gambling issues.

Let’s take a look at seven celebrities who are known to grace the tables, play 9 Masks of Fire which the game combines tribal images with traditional fruit symbols or bet on sports at major casinos located throughout the world.

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Matt Damon

Mr. Damon has a reputation for immersing himself in his roles. That is certainly the case as he prepared to star in the poker-playing movie “Rounders.” To prepare for the movie, he spent a bit of time learning from poker legend Johnny Chan. After the filming of the movie ended, Damon decided to take his newfound skill to Las Vegas where he is a familiar face in the city’s top poker rooms and events.

Ben Affleck

Not to be outdone by his good friend and working partner Matt Damon, Affleck has always had a reputation for playing high-stakes poker and blackjack in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He was once famously expelled from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for allegedly cheating at a blackjack table.

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Charles Barkley

After a long distinguished career in the NBA, Hall of Fame forward Charles Barkley decided to invest some of his hard-earned money as a gambler in poker rooms and on the golf course. While he clearly loves playing high-stakes poker, he will be the first to admit he is an easy target, claiming losses of over $10 million since his NBA career came to an end.

Michael Jordon

Michael Jordon is easily one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. While building his reputation as arguably the greatest NBA basketball player in history, his gambling adventures on sports and the golf course became legendary. Not one to mind betting hundreds of thousands on the golf course, he often drew the ire of the NBA, who once investigated him for possible gambling improprieties.

Paris Hilton

Yes, celebrity ladies also have a desire to hit the tables every now and again. Paris Hilton is a celebrity socialite and heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune. She also has a craving for playing casino games in Las Vegas and online whenever she gets the opportunity.

Jennifer Tilly

Ms. Tilly is another in a long line of ladies who have no problem mixing it up at the poker tables with the boys. The beautiful screen and Broadway actress is actually the only celebrity to win a Gold Bracelet at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. She looks sweet, but she is a killer at the poker tables.

Brad Pitt

Never one to think much about gambling, superstar actor Brad Pitt actually caught the gambling bug because of his recurring role in the Ocean’s trilogy of movies with pal George Clooney. After spending years filming in casinos, Pitt eventually learned to play some casino games with great proficiency.



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Pop Culture Beast7 Celebrities Who Love to Put Their Money on the Tables