The Best Science and Nature Documentaries on Netflix

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Netflix is one of the most popular online channels. There are many beautiful and informative well-made documentary films you can watch on Netflix. One of the best things about Netflix is that it has a wide variety of documentaries that address the subject of man’s relationship with his environment and the impact it has on the environment. Also, there are many educational science related documentaries which you should not miss to watch.

Following are the best Science and Nature Documentaries on Netflix:

  1. Revolution

Rob Stewart set out to make a documentary to promote the defence of sharks. But when he progressed in his work he realized that the problem in our oceans was even greater, the acidification of the sea caused by the excess of CO2 in the atmosphere. Through interviews with experts, this Canadian environmentalist manages to put something unsettling into contingency. All mass extinctions in geological history have been preceded by changes in the oceans.

  1. Food Matters

The food does matter. This documentary reveals the terrible effects that fast food and processed foods cause on our health and how the big pharmaceutical companies take advantage of it, causing us to become dependent on the pills. Given this, a healthy diet would be the key to recover and return to take control of our health.

  1. Chasing Ice

This production tells the story of James Balog, a photographer who remained sceptical for years about climate change until he slowly became aware of the severity of the melting in some parts of the planet. Due to this, he installed 25 cameras that registered for three years how the landscape in the Arctic was changing and what he obtained was disturbing.

  1. Cosmos

This is the television series that was originally aired on Fox and National Geographic in the year June 2014. With this documentary series, you will be able to investigate much more in terms of the complexity of time and space. That is, you will understand various theories about the origin of the world. In addition, you will learn dynamically since the documentary is presented in serial mode, on a trip aboard the famous “ship of the imagination”.

  1. Terra

This is another beautiful documentary based on the planet earth. The development of man and the advance of different civilizations have distanced us from the wild world. We have been forgetting about nature and we have been responsible for the extinction of some species. It is not too late to change yet but for that, we must go out to meet our own human condition.

  1. Life

If we talked about Planet Earth as one of the star documentaries of the platform on the wild side, Life is not far behind. This documentary series gives us a close view of the behaviour of living beings to ensure their survival through the different groups that make up the Earth. Even the plants will show you a charisma that you would have liked to have in that theatre performance of when you were an infant.

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Pop Culture BeastThe Best Science and Nature Documentaries on Netflix