Book: After Atlas (Emma Newman)

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After AtlasAfter Atlas

Emma Newman


November 8th, 2016

Carlos Moreno just wants to be left alone. Since his mother left on the Atlas to follow the Pathfinder all those years ago, the press has looked at him as the abandoned child. Now that the time capsule the crew buried before leaving is about to be unearthed, everyone seems to want a statement from him. This is life in After Atlas.

Carlos was left behind on Earth by his mother, but his father seemed to want to leave reality behind when she left him there too. First he retreated within himself, then he retreated into the cult known as the Circle. When Carlos left the Circle and his father to start his own life, he was picked up by child sellers, hot house trained to be an investigator, and sold to the Noropean Ministry of Justice. When the leader of the Circle Alejandro Casales turns up dead in his jurisdiction, the MoJ sees Carlos as the most qualified to take the case.

In solving the case, Carlos stumbles on a secret worth killing for.

Planetfall and After Atlas

After Atlas is set in the same world as Planetfall, and much like Planetfall it’s a tale that surprises. Emma Newman artfully crafts a tale that looks like a straightforward science fiction murder mystery and turns it into something else near the end, giving a whole new view of a different story. Also like Planetfall, it stealthily delivers an emotional punch at the end, making the reader care far more for characters they wouldn’t expect.



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JL JamiesonBook: After Atlas (Emma Newman)