Book: Invasive (Chuck Wendig)

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invasive chuck wendig



Chuck Wendig

Harper Voyager

Publishing August 16th, 2016

ISBN: 0062351575 (ISBN13: 9780062351579)



Quick review: Hannah Stander is a futurist working as a consultant for the FBI. She gets a call from Agent Hollis Copper about a grisly scene that they’re not even sure is murder–but it’s weird enough that she needs to have a look.

A dead body stripped of much of its skin and about a thousand dead ants await her at the crime scene–ants that after examination, an entomologist tells her, shouldn’t exist. Someone has genetically engineered these ants and used them for murder.

Hannah needs to find out who is behind these little genetic monsters before any more turn up.

While Chuck Wendig’s fantastic new novel Invasive is set in the same world as Zer0es, it isn’t necessary to read Zer0es first. While there’s some character overlap, there’s not too much mention of the past case. Of course, if you enjoy his work…

Wendig has outdone himself with Invasive. It’s a creepy crawly masterpiece of suspense and genetic horror; science fiction and a creeping dread that’ll have you itchy for days.



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JL JamiesonBook: Invasive (Chuck Wendig)