Book: Martians Abroad (Carrie Vaughn)

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martians-abroadMartians Abroad

Carrie Vaughn


January 17th, 2017


Polly just wants to be a spaceship pilot. She’s grown up on Mars, but the stars are calling.

That’s why when her mother (who’s in charge of their Mars colony) tells her that she and her brother are going to attend a prestigious academy on Earth for three years, she’s understandably upset. She should be going to flight school.

Once Polly and her brother get to the Earth school, they run into immediate problems. The increased gravity makes it difficult to keep up with the Earth kids, and the Earth kids are pretty cliquish and nasty.

Then the accidents start happening.

Vaughn has written an engaging coming-of-age story about kids trying to fit in and be brave–even if it means taking chances. While Polly can be a bit of a whiner, she’s a great character to read, and it’s a fun book. Appropriate for a wide range of ages, it’s well worth picking up.


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JL JamiesonBook: Martians Abroad (Carrie Vaughn)