Britney Spears shocks again! Outraged fans don’t believe she’s hiding behind her Instagram profile

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Britney Spears shocks again! Outraged fans don’t believe she’s hiding behind her Instagram profile

The famous singer posted a photo on Instagram in the same outfit several times, which worried her fans.

Singer Britney Spears, 38, posted another similar photo in the series, and fans are worried about her more than ever. Namely, Britney posted a picture in a white top with smudged make-up on which she looks despondent, and it is not clear to many what is happening with her Instagram profile and who is managing it.

– While we are all looking for answers during these uncertain times trying to lift our spirits, I think it is the right time to see all the good around us. Specifically, let us thank all the nurses, volunteers, and heroes in our lives who make a difference in our world – she wrote.

– Do what you can, no matter how small. Purity is a sign of passion, so let our planet be clean. Please recycle! It’s that simple, folks – Britney wrote below the post where she got over 267,000 likes. However, many of her fans don’t believe that the singer is hiding behind this profile, so they wrote numerous comments:

“Free Britney,” “She posted on her boyfriend’s Instagram Live, but he forcibly stole her phone and interrupted Live. I’m sorry Britney,” “Please help her, this is the hundredth same post,” “I’m afraid for her,” “Following Britney’s posts became like having a sex simulator. We want the real spoiled Britney back because that is who we started following in the first place,” were just some of the comments from concerned fans.

By the way, writer Kelly Oxford recently posted on Britney’s social media and wrote: “This profile has finally become scary to me,” Kelly wrote, followed by Britney’s boyfriend’s response. – What is so frightening about the fact that she is the biggest superstar in the world, and that she is her own (authentic, funny, modest) and does not care about what others think. We need more people like her. Oh, and, by the way, Instagram installed the button that you can press to stop following someone almost ten years ago – wrote Britney’s boyfriend Sam Ashgari, 13 years younger than her.

However, his response only encouraged more fans to focus on him instead of on Britney, and they didn’t save words in an attempt to mock the fact that he is still a kid in comparison to her. “After you finish with replying on your Social Media, please do your homework and no more playing monster sex games today. You know your mommy doesn’t like it,” was just one of the mean comments that he got.

Still, Britney Spears rarely separates from her boyfriend, whose gorgeous body makes women crazy. The singer pointed out that she is infinitely happy to have Sam by her side because he helps her maintain top form even in “quarantine.” The two of them are together for years.

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Pop Culture BeastBritney Spears shocks again! Outraged fans don’t believe she’s hiding behind her Instagram profile