Midnight, Texas Recap: Unearthed

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Midnight, Texas Recap: Unearthed

‘Unearthed’ is an apt name for the episode this week, as we uncover some history on our Midnighters. We found more out about Lem already, who’s next? Maybe we’ll finally find out how they’re handling Chuy’s story… are you with me on this?

So we begin. Manfred receives a gift on his doorstep. It’s a jack in the box playing a tune last heard on one of Hightower’s creepy messages, telling Manfred to meet him at the old train station at 10am. Xylda tells him to get help.

Bobo and Fiji are getting romantic in the kitchen, and Fiji suggests breakfast. However, the sound of motorcycles draws Bobo out of her house in time to see the biker gang firebomb the pawn shop. Luckily, they’re able to get the fire out enough to save Lem and Olivia.


Bobo went looking for Fiji back at her place, and Mr. Snuggly had to tell him the bikers took her. The leader calls, and tells him he will give Fiji back in exchange for weapons and money that he stole from his family years ago.

Manfred tries to convince Creek to run away with him, because he intends to run from Hightower. Creek convinces him to ask the town for help instead. He pawns some old family heirlooms with Bobo so he has the money to give to Hightower.

Funny though, Bobo isn’t asking for help.

Witch in a box

The bikers have Fiji in a cargo container medicated with a fentanyl patch to keep her from doing any magic.

Lem overhears a call from the bikers, and he leans on Bobo for answers. Bobo shows him a secret stash of weapons and money–his family are a bunch of white supremacists, and Bobo stole their money and guns so they couldn’t hurt anyone. He also admits that the bikers have Fiji.

Creek goes to Olivia to take care of Hightower.

Trouble comes knocking

Manfred goes to meet Hightower, and Olivia follows him. She says she’ll front him the rest of the money he owes. Apparently, Manfred and Xylda conned him out of money, and he lost his daughter over it. They pledged Manfred to his daughter Violet because the magic runs in Manfred’s family, and Hightower wanted it in his family. When Manfred left her at the altar and made off with the money, she killed herself in shame.

In the years since, Hightower has been learning black magic to use against Manfred. They barely manage to get away.

When Creek finds out, she’s less than pleased–cause damn if he didn’t just prove Daddy right.

Special delivery

Bobo drops off the weapons and Lem hangs on the underside of the truck. Since they didn’t bring Fiji with them, Lem has to listen while they beat the snot out of Bobo before taking him to her.

Hightower ambushes Olivia and demands to be taken to Manfred. They get the drop on Hightower and chain him in a room, telling him they’ll talk when he calms down.

Manfred offers to raise Violet to Hightower to give him closure, but Hightower pushes him down a staircase–he’s rigged things so he can be sure he gets what he wants. If Manfred fails, he dies.


Bobo has gotten in to retrieve Fiji, but the bikers decide to close him in the box instead…until Lem steps in. They struggle to breathe, while he wipes the board outside. Fiji gathers all the air into a bubble so they can both breathe. Lem gets them out, and after Bobo kills the head biker guy, he blows up the guns.

Manfred manages to raise Violet…but she’s not too happy with her father. She possesses Manfred and tries to kill Hightower, but he expels her. In response, Hightower kills himself.

Later, Fiji tells Bobo she needs some time.

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