Music Review: Rhye and Lloyd Bridges Live at the Hollywood Bowl

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Review by Jason Blanco

There is something to be said about enjoying a glass of wine on a summer evening whilst listening to live music in a crowd of strangers. And at the Hollywood Bowl of all venues, theres an extra bit of Hollywood magic in the air. As the sun was setting and the air began to cool, Rhye took to the stage. Hi smooth and sultry voice quickly climbed the amphitheater and focused everyone’s attention on him and his band. They did not disappoint, between a chorus and bridge of his many songs that spanned his catalog, he joined them by beating on a drum in a cool, no-big-deal kind of way. His set which lasted no more than maybe 45 minutes, which was much to my disappointment, set a mood for the next act to come in  and take over.

Leon Bridges, also known as LB in some circles, took to the stage after a quick instrumental funk introduction. He danced his way to the mic to almost signal to the crowd that the night was far from over. His first few songs reminded me of a funky Motown throwback and then LB being from Texas, moved on to other tracks that were more to his roots. With the “This is how we do it in Texas” shouts, you could hear the country over take much of the set.  And much to my surprise, the crowd didn’t just enjoy it, they were living for it. 
Rhye and Leon Bridges are polar opposites in music style, and this marriage of a summer concert felt right. And the crowd seemed to agree.
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Garon CockrellMusic Review: Rhye and Lloyd Bridges Live at the Hollywood Bowl