Preacher Recap: Dirty Little Secret

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Preacher Recap: Dirty Little Secret

This was one of the plot points a lot of the fans of the comic book were waiting for–the descendant of Christ. Hooboy.

We start the episode confirming what Herr Starr told Jesse–that Jesus definitely has descendants.

…and that Judas was supposed to have brought the getaway donkeys?

The Grail originates there–with someone knowing that there’s a child to be.

“You have questions. I have answers.”

Herr Starr is ready to let Jesse in on The Grail’s secrets. Jesse isn’t immediately trusting that Starr wants to help, and uses Genesis on him to ask where God is. Starr doesn’t know.

Starr does let on though that they knew God was missing. He offers to show Jesse what they have at headquarters.

Back at the apartment, Tulip is still having nightmares about The Saint. She tries to talk to Cassidy,  but he’s busy entertaining his son with a couple of prostitutes. Instead, she offers to make breakfast.

Agent Featherstone comes by to get her gun back, and realizes that something is wrong with Tulip.

“It sorta went off. I can pay for the bullet.”

She gets Tulip talking, and over a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes Tulip tells her everything. The whole story, The Saint and everything. Featherstone tells her a nonsense story about an abusive ex to get Tulip to open up more. Tulip is catching on that Jesse lied to her.

Denis isn’t managing his new appetites well.

Jesse goes to Grail headquarters, and while he doesn’t learn much about God’s whereabouts, he learns about the existence of the Holy Child.

“So charming and damaged.”

While Featherstone is talking to Tulip and Jesse is with The Grail, Denis and Cas are at an arcade, and it looks like Denis keeps trying to bite the prostitute. Cas tries to impress upon Denis how he cannot give in to instinct, but I think Denis is quickly becoming a liability.

When Featherstone inadvertently shows she knows too much about Tulip, she has to run a distraction to get Tulips mind off of it before she catches on that she’s not who she presents herself to be. Featherstone’s partner has to pretend to be the violent ex, coming to the apartment drunk and menacing. He gets his ass kicked.

“I didn’t say anything about Dallas.”

Tulip and Featherstone bond over the ass kicking.

Starr takes Jesse to see the Holy Child. My instincts were spot on.

The Child is an inbred, mentally impaired man who literally pees on Jesse. There’s no way this guy knows where God is. The Grail called this dude The Messiah? Yikes.

Back at the apartment, Cas has lost track of Denis.

Tulip finds the loose bit of tile in the bathroom floor. Did Featherstone bring it to Tulip’s attention? Her and her partner seem to think what she’s about to discover should break Tulip and Jesse up.

It’s where Jesse stashed The Saint’s cavalry saber and pistols.

Jesse is in a lot of trouble when he gets home.

In the car on the way back, Starr talks to Jesse about Genesis. Rather than find God, he’d rather Jesse be God.

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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: Dirty Little Secret