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One of the coolest things in Halloween (and other holidays now) decorating is available for you to creep up your house.

Atmos FX is a digital projector that allows you to display horrific monsters and scenes on any flat surface, including windows via a screen you can attach. It’s a super fun and cool idea and really amps up the design of any Halloween decorating for your home.

Here is what’s available for pretty any holiday you want:

From a crafty, yet clumsy witch, to Santa himself, zombies, a winter wonderland, and more, AtmosFX offers a variety of beautifully animated, amusement-park-quality scenes and characters that can be viewed on any tv or monitor, and projected on flat surfaces–even windows.

– Blood Walls
– Bone Chillers
– Celebrations Party Time
– Creepy Crawlies 2
– Football Fanfare Game Day
– Ghostly Apparitions
– Hoppy Easter
– Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree
– Macabre Manor
– My Valentine
– Night Before Christmas
– Night Stalkers
– Phantasms
– Santa’s Visit
– Santa’s Workshop
– Shades of Evil
– Trick ‘r Treat
– Tricks and Treats
– Triple Thrill Pack
– UnLiving Portraits
– Winter Wonderland
– Witching Hour
– Zombie Invasion!


– AtmosFX 3DFX Form
– AtmosFX Media Player
– Holiday Digital Decorating Kit
– Hollusion Projection Material
– Premium Window Projection Material

It works best with a bigger bay window or a large spot you can display on. You can attach a screen to any window but you’ll have to do some cutting or some clever taping so it’s not a work-free set up but, for the most part, it’s relatively easy.

It’s not cheap either but if this is the kind of thing you are into, it’s definitely worth it, starting at $199 for a kit and a projector and $299 for the higher spec’d model, the “Plus.”

Here’s a link to all your gear options:

I think personally it’s worth it to get one of these. Especially if you are into decorating for the holidays. There are a TON of different options for Halloween. Almost anything you can think of you can project. They look great, creepy, and are perfect for the holidays. Hell, I’m thinking of using it for atmosphere for a horror movie screening party. The projectors seem to be pretty good as well for the price. Atmos has even provided side by side comparisons against other models which you can view HERE.

Is it a must own? Do you NEED it? No, but it definitely will amplify your party no batter what the holiday is.

For more information and to purchase your own AtmosFX gear, head to their official website.



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Garon CockrellProduct Review: Atmos FX