Reverie Recap: Blue is the Coldest Color

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Reverie Recap: Blue is the Coldest Color  S01E04

So, things have been taking an interesting turn. What’s it to be this time? More from Paul? More about Lexie’s past? Is Mara going to keep seeing her niece? Hell, where even IS she? We know she wasn’t actually in her sister’s old place.

Let’s find out…

‘That’s why I know you’re in danger’

As the scene melts away in pixels, Mara comes to standing in the middle of a road. She’s pushed out of the way by Oliver Hill, one of the former founders of OniraTech. He’s obviously not quite all there, and that’s probably why he’s no longer with the company.

He’s also had major derealization with Reverie 2.0. He gives Mara a talk full of paranoid bits and tells her she can’t trust Paul and the rest of them.

Already, I don’t trust him.

He wants to prevent the rollout of 2.0.

The next morning, we discover that someone has stolen a BCI. Hmm. I wonder who stole it?

‘Why would anyone steal one?’

We get that answer pretty quickly. We meet a sweet agoraphobic who has a crush on a neighbor lady and really likes her son. Did he pay someone to steal it because he couldn’t go out and get it himself?

It looks like he’s trying to overcome his phobias using Reverie.

Mara goes in after the thief, and sees what looks like our agoraphobic’s front yard. Also, she sees that one of his reveries looks like he’s practicing….a heist?

She does some research, and finds out he’s planning on stealing medicine. Also, that there’s sites for people who want dark reveries–reveries that do things the company won’t allow. Dark things.

Mara also confronts Charlie about Oliver Hill. Charlie is less than pleased.

‘You know, Charlie, that wasn’t the first thing I was worried about’

Lexie also warns Mara away from Oliver. Apparently, Oliver was unhinged long before Reverie. Nobody trusts his motives. Neither do I.

Mara’s a little pissed, though. Also, they’re not telling Mara the whole truth. No real surprise there.

They use the fountain in the thief’s front yard to track him down. His name is Glen. He has compulsions that keep him inside–one of those things happens to be the color blue. He decides he only wants to talk to Mara.

Things take a turn, and he goes into Reverie to escape Charlie.

‘You reap what you sow’

Lexie really doesn’t have any empathy for the guy. Yikes.

Paul shows Mara Oliver’s brain activity, and it is messed. up. Seriously. He was also that way before the program, and worse after.

Mara goes into Glen’s reverie. She decides to help him. She finds out more about Glen.

He’s a freelance programmer, and the heist he was planning is for medicine to help the neighbor’s son. He’s in love with the boy’s mother, too. The company is conducting trials on the medicine, and the boy didn’t get picked. He’s been working on how to do it for weeks.

‘My world is six feet across, six feet high’

Charlie enlists investor Monica’s help in arranging the heist. Mara finds ways for Glen to cope, including using a 20 sided die as a distraction when he has to go outside.

Meanwhile, Charlie goes out to confront Oliver. Charlie is piiiiiiiissed. Really, really angry. He basically tells Oliver to get bent and never come back. Oliver gets a bit scarier. Grinning maniacally, shouting. Yikes.

Mara goes and picks Glen up, and the heist goes off without a hitch. We discover at the end that Monica arranged the whole stunt basically as security/penetration testing for the company, and Glen legally gets to keep the med and give it to the kid, in a way. He gets a spot in the trial. It’s all legal and above board.

I like Monica a little better, I think.

All’s well that ends well.


Next, we see Oliver paying one of the OniraTech security guards for a BCI. He knows they’d never give him one legally. Creep.

Lexie tells Mara a bit about Oliver. They were together in the beginning, and things eventually slid far sideways. The whole thing was ugly. Oliver blamed everything on Reverie, and tried to burn her house down. Jeebus.

Well, now we know. I’m betting there’s a whole big nasty story here. Oliver is creepy and totally off, and who the heck knows where this is going. Guess we’ll find out more next week?




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JL JamiesonReverie Recap: Blue is the Coldest Color