Reverie Recap: The Key S01E09

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Reverie Recap: The Key

In the last episode, we discovered that Mara’s little derealization problem is MUCH bigger than anyone thought. I mean holy hell, she envisioned an old boyfriend that wasn’t even really there. Also, Alexis went to crazy Oliver for help, and Oliver put himself in a reverie.

What’s next?

‘Tell me what happened.’

Mara has the entire team over, and tells them what happened with the whole Chris derealization. She’s badly shaken. She’s also pretty angry with everyone because they downplayed the side effects so much.

They get a phone call, and it’s about Oliver. He’d written a note on himself to deliver him to Mara Kint. Charlie is pretty pissed off, he wants to know how Charlie got his hands on a BCI. They leave him with a security person, who delegates to…the same security guard who stole the BCI for Oliver.

Charlie talk to Alexis about her meeting with Oliver, and Lexie starts to sound like she’s siding with Oliver a little bit. Yikes.

Mara wants to go into Oliver’s reverie because she thinks he can tell her more about what’s happening to her. No one likes it, but she goes anyway.

‘Amazing, isn’t it?’

Oliver’s reverie is a beach. Mara talks to Oliver, and he says he can help, in exchange for Mara asking Alexis to meet him in his reverie. Mara thinks its a bad idea, but Oliver wants a moment alone with her.

Bad, bad idea.

Oliver tells her she needs the BCI completely removed, not just deactivated. When she comes out, she finds out from Paul that if they do it, she can never go back in. It gives Mara some pause, but she insists they do it. They arrange for the procedure to happen later in the day.

Alexis wants to go into Oliver’s reverie. The mole security guard takes a break, and spies on her via security camera. When she passes out from going into the program, that’s his cue.

‘Thanks for coming.’

Is this all a distraction engineered by Oliver? Once she in, he turns on the charm, asking for a chance to apologize.

Paul tries to convince Mara that the program is trying to help  her work out her issues with what happened to her (her brother in law, etc). He stops just short of telling her he cares for her.

In Oliver’s reverie, he shows her what he’s deemed her ‘birthday present’.

Dylan alerts Charlie that the camera in Alexis’ office just went out. As they head that way, security guard mole guy steals some sort of thumb drive off Alexis’ unconscious body. Charlie and a security person find him in the office.

Oliver presents his creation–he’s made a virtual Dylan.

Damn, that’s seriously messed up.


Oliver really doesn’t understand why Alexis is so deeply hurt and upset. She never wanted Dylan resurrected. Oliver makes an offhanded remark that Alexis killed her brother? Jeebus.

Alexis comes out, and is confused at the hubbub outside her office. Charlie sees how upset Alexis is, and promptly tries to rip Oliver’s head off once he comes out of the reverie.

Mara changes her mind over removing her BCI, because there are people that will still need her. *whew*

She decides to talk to Paul about the whole Ray incident. We learn the full story of what happened. She told Charlie no sirens when she called to let him know she needed help, because sometimes it sets anxious people off. Sirens were what set Ray off when he shot his family. Even still, she blames herself.

‘You can’t touch me Charlie.’

Oliver’s lawyer gets him out of there. He makes an offhanded remark about being in control now. Does he mean the electronic key they stole from Alexis? Does it control all of Reverie? If Oliver brings it down, what will happen to all the people still in it?

Charlie tells Mara the truth of what really happened the day her sister and niece died. She accidentally dialed Charlie, and his voicemail recorded everything that happened. After Ray shot them, he started crying, and he didn’t shoot himself until Mara convinced him to.


I think that may have made things worse. She leaves his office. She goes to a bar, and has a drink. Oh, no, Mara…. no. She goes home and sleeps.

Later, security guy delivers the key to Oliver, and Oliver kills him. He says he’ll burn the place to the ground. An obsession with fire? Sheesh.

‘You all right?’

Alexis finds Charlie sleeping in his office. She says she has to go to her parent’s house, and she’ll be back the next day. Oliver follows her.

Mara talks to Paul, her derealizations are finally gone. The whole thing was about the lost memory. She takes Paul to see Ray, and they put a BCI in him so she can have closure by talking to him.

That’s messed up, but ok.

So, looks like she’s getting the closure she needs, and maybe it looks like she’s staying? I guess we’ll find out next week.

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JL JamiesonReverie Recap: The Key S01E09