#SDCC2016 – @Scream_Factory’s Epic Release Announcement!

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We always look forward to Comic-Con, especially when our friends at Scream Factory have a panel planned. Each year they make a massive, in the past ten titles, of upcoming releases of classic horror films. This year they’ve out done themselves and dropped news on 13 upcoming titles. It’s a great collection of cult films, mainstream horror, and sequels everyone loves. Unfortunately, Scream did not announce a collection featuring the Phantasm franchise, so we will still have to wait for word on who is releasing that and when we might see it.


Straight from their Facebook page:

1. BUBBA HO-TEP (2002) (Collector’s Edition) – Stars Bruce Campbell and directed by Don Coscarelli.

2 WILLARD (1971) – The rare 70s rat-revenge film is (finally) coming to DVD & Blu-ray!

3. BEN (1972) – The sequel to Willard.

4. BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) (Collector’s Edition) – The original slasher classic!

5. POLTERGEIST II (1986) (Collector’s Edition)– “They’re Back!”

6. POLTERGEIST III (1988) (Collector’s Edition) – “They’ve Found Her!”

7. DREAMSCAPE (1984) (Collector’s Edition) – The fantasy cult classic starring Dennis Quaid and Kate Capshaw.

8. RABID (1977) (Collector’s Edition) – The early Cronenberg classic!

9. DEAD RINGERS (1988) (Collector’s Editon) – Another Cronenberg favorite. Stars Jeremy Irons.

10 & 11. SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II (1987) & III (1990) double feature. – You asked for it (a lot) so make sure to buy it! 🙂

12. THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED (1970) Rare AIP early “slasher” film!

13. DEAD OF WINTER (1987) – Chilling thriller starring Mary Steenburgen and the late great Roddy McDowell.

I really love this slate. It’s got something for everyone. There are movies I’ve seen and some I haven’t. Either way, I’ll be picking up all of them.

What are your thoughts on these upcoming titles?

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Garon Cockrell#SDCC2016 – @Scream_Factory’s Epic Release Announcement!