The Best Pop Culture Podcasts

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The Best Pop Culture Podcasts

Podcasts have certainly become the go to media choice fo r consuming a variety of different media over the past few years and you can often find a podcast to cover any subject, from niche favorites in online gambling to more broad subjects in other forms of entertainment – with some of the biggest boasting millions of listeners, and with the possible commute returning as offices open their doors once more, podcast will certainly be the go to choice for those looking for a quick 30-minute soundbite to start their morning off right. Keep up with the comings and goings of popular culture can certainly be difficult too if you’re on limited time, so these can be great to help get you caught up with what’s happening too.

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Pop Culture Happy Hour – Although it has happy hour in the title, this is a very sober short podcast to keep you entertained as each instalment comes in at less than thirty minutes per episode – the show comes with all kinds of recommendations and information to keep you up to date on the best shows and movies that are coming out on TV and streaming services, as well as the more niche recommendations of things to check out like kids TV programmes that won’t drive you crazy. A great option to keep you in the loop without dedicated too much time, or needing to keep up at all hours.

The Watch – If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth, this podcast has two culture critic hosts covering all forms of entertainment, as well as answering more industry specific questions too such as how the pandemic may impact your favourite show. Whilst at times it may seem a bit insider only, and some things may not make all that much sense for the layman, entertainment enthusiasts will certainly find great enjoyment in the show and provide something a little more in-depth than the previous option, and a little more specific too.

Still Processing – Brought to you by the culture writers for The New York times, this is another option that very much cut through all of the fluff and often gets straight to the subject matter at hand. Much like the previous entry in the list, the hosts often bring up some of the meatier questions around how pop culture may be impacting our currency society, things that are often avoided, and whilst may not always have the answers certainly do provide food for thought for your morning commute, and it’s great to hear the opinions too.

Most of these podcasts focus on different forms of media with TV and Movies often being the most common subject at hand, there are many other pop culture podcasts that also focus on the growing interests in genres like gaming too, with many including more subject matters in as they become more relevant too.

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