Three of The Funniest Comedy Films of All Time

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Three of The Funniest Comedy Films of All Time

Do you know that the best comedy movies have been around not only to make you laugh; rather they have a lot to achieve. Come to think of the classic sitcoms that made you laugh your lungs out. The likes of Notting Hill got us screaming for true love, with teen movies such as Mean Girls got us squirming.

It’s actually difficult to come up with the funniest comedy films of all time, just choosing the best online pokies. But the good news is that we have tried to come up with a fair list rather.

Meet the Parents – 2000

It’s not a secret that meeting your partner’s parents is one of the most frightening times. But it seems like Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) had the worst compared to most of us rather. The bad news for him is that he came to realise that his potential father in law is a CIA agent with an overboard suspicious nature. All you need to do is to visit Focker’s life of misfortune and be filled with loads of gags and laughs.

Mean Girls – 2004

Cady moved from being home-schooled by her parents in African and went to America. Rude awakening caught up with her as the school’s hierarchy confronted the school authority. The whole issue was about her being caught infiltrating the girl clique, The Plastics. This is one comedy movie that has been popular not from the day it premiered, rather it is still showing on our screens just like casino games like online blackjack, they will never die.

Hot Fuzz – 2007

The movie director Edger Wright made a follow up to Shaun the dead, and that’s some sort of work. The cops went on and rambled the small-town to put things into order, if you doubt the brilliance of the movie, the cast of the movie says it all. The likes of; Paddy Considine, Jim Broadbent, Billie Whitelaw, Martin Freeman, Olivia Colman, Edward Woodward, Bill Nighy are part of this funny classic movie comedy.


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Pop Culture BeastThree of The Funniest Comedy Films of All Time