Top Casino Movies To Check Out Once In Your Lifetime

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Top Casino Movies To Check Out Once In Your Lifetime

Casino culture has inspired a number of movie makers and writers over the years and their luxurious flamboyant atmosphere has dazzled viewers for decades. I mean, who doesn’t want to see their favourite actor beating another at a high stakes casino table? Or, beating someone in 007 Bond Style? These psychological thinking patterns are the main reason for consumers to pursue these life-changing fortunes. So, what are you doing now? Probably daydreaming about the Vegas arenas. It’s time to wrap up your pending session to play Roulette online games and head over to your sofa for a rollercoaster casino movie marathon!


The Cooler

In Wayne Kramer’s movie, William H. Macy plays the character of a ‘cooler’. Macy was hired by casinos to stand next to tables which were running through hot streaks. Macy’s luck was so bad that his presence acted as bad luck for those punters. Within minutes after standing, the casino’s house edge is restored and the luck of the gamblers change. Subsequently, in the movie, the plot story changes when the cooler’s fortune changes to a lucky charm.  Much to the astonishment of the casinos, he then becomes a lucky symbol for the gamblers playing at the tables. The narrative aptly illustrates the superstitions of gambling and how the notion of luck can change in an instant.


With prominent actors like Edward Norton and John Malkovich, Rounders is full of extravagant castes. The movie aptly describes the life of an entrepreneur who manages to pay his entire university fees by winning a table of Poker. In the movie. There is a memorable showdown between Malkovich and Damon in a dazzling high stakes game. The movie is filled with poker strategies and banters which makes this movie a must watch for every gambling enthusiasts out there.

 The Cincinnati Kid

Released in 1965, this is one hell of a Poker movie! With promising faces like Ann-Margret, Edward G. Robinson, and Steve McQueen, the movie became a massive success at the box office with over $7 million in box office earnings. The director Norman Jewson has shown the story of a kid, Eric Stoner who loved all forms of gambling in his childhood but had a special fascination for Poker. When Lancey Howard, a prominent poker player comes to town, Stoner immediately jumps at the opportunity to try out a Poker game with him to increase his reputation.  Although the two meets each other, Howard had to face a number of distractions – Christian and Melba. The first one is Kid’s girlfriend and the second one is Stoner’s friend’s wife who manages to cheat his husband and increase the odds against Stoner. Another character, William Jefferson Slade tries to blackmail everyone except the two players. More or less, the movie is filled with a number of twists which is common for casino movies.


This 1998 movies takes a very different view on gambling and shows the game from the point of a dealer. Starring Clive Owen and directed by Mike Hodges, the movie shows the career of a writer who is forced to take the job of a croupier due to financial conditions. Slowly, the movie shows him turn into a gambling lover as the casino atmosphere slowly engulfs his desires.  Despite the helpless attempts of his girlfriend, Jack fails to cave into his demands which results in Marian leaving her. His entire relationship suffers due to his casino profession. Later on, he starts fantasizing another gambler named Jani.  Later Jack finds out that she is pressurized on a daily basis due to her bad luck and he later finds out that she planned on a casino heist. Undoubtedly one of the best casino movies out there, it managed to make a total box office revenue of $7,075,068 worldwide.

 Ocean’s Eleven

You might have already heard about this movie by now considering all the big Hollywood names starring in the movie like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts.Directed by an Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh, Andy Garcia plays the casino boss Terry Benedict in this surprisingly fast-paced movie.The movie is actually adapted from the 1960 Rat Pack movie Ocean’s 11 which showed World War II veterans resorting in casino robbery among popular casinos like Sahara, Riviera, Desert Inn, Sands, and the Flamingo.  You won’t feel like two hours have passed due to the cinematic storytelling and dialogue choices. The movie manages to show ample amounts of prominent Las Vegas casinos and goes on to show the biggest casino heist in the history of cinemas. The first movie became such a massive hit that it spawned three sequels. This movie will surely give a nostalgic Old Vegas feel to you. This is a must watch!

Rain Man

The Blackjack scene in Rain Man is truly memorable and plays an integral part of the storyline.

This 1988 movie starts with Charlie Babbitt starred by Tom Cruise whose sportscar business is slowly going downhill. After his father dies, Charles was infuriated to find out that his father has left his entire inheritance to his autistic brother Raymond starred by Dustin Hoffman. The movie goes on to show an exciting brotherly bond that erupts from the kidnapping and turns into a beautiful road journey along the countryside. Later, Charles found out about Raymond’s talent with numbers and took him to a casino as his card counter.  The movie went on to win a plethora of awards such as Best Picture and Best Actor in a Leading Role (Hoffman) in 1989 and is one of the first movies to bring the topic of autism to the mass public. With impeccable comedy timings and gripping storyline, Rain Man is one of the best casino movies out there that you need to check out right now!

Haven’t seen any one of the listed movies yet? Then, what are you waiting for? Put on your lucky clothes, take out the popcorns and mesmerize yourself by watching these classics! A grand binge-watch adventure lies in front of you…

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