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Triad Blood is the second novel by ‘Nathan Burgoine. And it’s a lovely sophomore work, but don’t dismiss his shorts either. They’re quite powerful in their own ways.

Three. Three is always the magic number. Three wizards in a coven. Three demons in a pack. Three vampires in a coterie. But what happens when you take one wizard, one demon, and one vampire and bind them into a triad? That’s the premise of Triad Blood. Curtis, the wizard created a ritual to bind himself, Anders the demon, and Luc the vamipre together. And as the saying goes, three heads are better than one. Especially when the individual powers of each member begin to influence and surprisingly change the powers of the others.

And of course, the strange trio draws attention from every single other group in the area. Which isn’t always a good thing. Especially when it involves letter bombs, cars spontaneously combusting, demon attacks…And who can you trust in this town anyway? Who do you turn to when everyone wants you for their own reasons?  Fortunately the triad trusts each other, and also gets help from an incredibly unlikely source.

Triad Blood was a fun book. Not difficult to read, well paced, likeable and developed characters, and solid reasons for the conflicts. It was also fun to read a real urban fantasy novel with a gay triad. Usually it’s only a couple, or it’s not really urban fantasy. So this was a welcome change. Solid eight stars for the characters, the plot, and the fantasy. If you’re a fan of gay characters, urban fantasies, and (even better), both of them, you’ll enjoy Triad Blood.


Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (May 17, 2016)
Publication Date: May 17, 2016
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English


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Robin LynnTriad Blood ‘Nathan Burgoine