Ask a Queer Chick: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life for Girls Who Dig Girls

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Ask a Queer Chick is a natural extension of Lindsay King-Miller’s popular “Ask a Queer Chick” advice column at The Hairpin. This column has been invaluable in the coming out and dating world for emerging queer girls all over.

This book is fantastic. I’ve been reading Ms. King-Miller’s column for a few years now, and her advice is always heartfelt, and delivered with a nice dose of irreverent humour. With chapters containing guidance on things from Coming Out, to Don’t Stare at Her Rack Too Much, a Queer Chick’s Guide to Heartbreak, and Advice for Straight People, this book is a great jumping point for fledgling queer ladies.

Yes, some of the suggestions could be used in any relationship, it is very much geared to relationships with two ladies. It is from the point of experience, almost a “I went through this and it sucked, try this tactic and maybe it won’t suck as badly for you”, which is always welcomed in this queer chick’s life.

One of my favourite quotes from the book is “Love is a weird & inexplicable combination of hormones and luck and maybe some witchcraft or something, and every one of us if just stumbling around hoping to get lucky.” This so resonates with me, that love is this awesome ephemeral thing that we’re all looking for, and hoping to grab.

I really love this book. It’s not for everyone, and I’ll grant that. Not every girl is into other girls, and if that’s not your bag, don’t read it. But if you’re freshly out, or on the verge of coming out, or you’ve been out for years and are looking for some help in getting your girl groove back on, this is a great reference manual. Note, it’s not a “How To” manual, it’s more like having a queer big sister taking you under her wing. And that, for me, is the best kind of advice to get.

I’ll certainly be buying copies of this for several of my queer girlfriends, I think it’s something every queer girl needs in her toolbox. Along with some Indigo Girls albums, Sleater-Kinney shirts, and softball equipment. (Just kidding, unless you like Indigo Girls, Sleater-Kinney, and softball, then knock yourself out.)
Ask a Queer Chick: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life for Girls Who Dig Girls
Lindsay King-Miller
ISBN-10: 0147516781
ISBN-13: 978-0147516787
Publisher/Date: Plume (February 2, 2016)

8 Stars

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Robin LynnAsk a Queer Chick: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life for Girls Who Dig Girls