7 Movies Every Student Should Watch Before They Turn 25

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7 Movies Every Student Should Watch Before They Turn 25

Films are a great source of inspiration and learning. They are entertaining, but they also often have a lesson to teach about life, relationships, or becoming an adult. That’s why it is so important to choose the good ones.

This is the list of movies every college student should watch before 25. They might not necessarily be about college life, but they are great and resourceful. So, grab some snacks and pick a movie for a night, you probably need to relax after all that academics. Leave all your written assignments to https://essaypro.com/. Take a little time for yourself; there’s no shame in that.

The Breakfast Club (1985)

This is a classic film that shows several students on detention and how they communicate, interact, and behave. The characters are based on typical high-school stereotypes, which get deconstructed during the film.

It is pretty simple when it comes to the setup, but it is psychological and interesting. The move is about becoming an adult and dealing with traumatic events. It’s relevant at all times, as no one escapes that. It is also about judging people based on their looks and reputation and how it is harmful and misleading. Teenagers just try to fit, but also find their true self.

Legally Blonde (2001)

This is a comedy, and it gives what a good comedy should – a lot of laughs. However, it is simply the first layer of the film. The story is about Elle Woods, who is judged and underestimated by everyone based on her appearance. She is constantly taken as “not enough” or “stupid blonde”, yet she is not like that. She gets her life in her hands and starts to work on her success.

Surprisingly for everyone, but not for her, she is accepted to Harvard Law School and performs greatly there. This movie is about making a career as a young woman, about finding your place and sticking to your dream despite public opinion. It is funny and inspiring.

Big (1988)

This is another classic comedy about Josh Baskin, a 12-year-old who makes a wish ‘to be big.’ His wish is granted, and the next morning, he wakes up as a grown man. And the adventure begins; he has to learn about adult life and tries to get back to childhood.

This is great entertainment, and Tom Hanks is amazing in this movie. But it also shows the importance of childhood and adolescence. It cannot be just skipped, there is too much to learn and experience on the way.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

The story develops around Will Hunting, a math prodigy that works as a janitor at MIT. He has a rough upbringing, and only after a series of events his talent gets the spotlight. However, it is not the hardest thing; the hardest is his relationship with the therapist.

This movie centers a lot around taking responsibility for one’s life and acting on it. It is also about the fear of getting close to someone and rejection. The movie dwells on the personal story of trauma and defense mechanisms that only contribute to self-sabotage. It is a good and thought-provoking story.

Lady Bird (2017)

This is an excellent coming-of-age movie with a stunning cast. It dwells on the life of a high-school student, who names herself Lady Bird. She aspires to leave for a good university, despite her family’s financial issues. She also tries to find her own path and voice by building relationships and making friends.

It is a bit messy and dramatic, as high-school is. She’s not a stereotype of any kind; she is just a girl who tries to grow up.

500 Days of Summer (2009)

The plot is simple – a guy meets a girl. He wants serious relationships; she doesn’t, so the story starts. There is hardly a person who hasn’t heard about this film. At the same time, it is one of the most misinterpreted movies in modern times.

It takes a closer look to understand that the story is one-sided, as we see it only through Tom’s perspective. We think we know Summer, but we know only his idea of Summer. This movie is about love, expectation, and reality.

Juno (2007)

The plot revolves around Juno, a high-school student that finds out she is pregnant from her long-time friend. Now she has to decide what to do in this difficult situation. After some time, she settles for closed adoption and finds a good family for her baby. However, it all turns out quite different in the end.

It is a drama and a comedy that has a great cast. The movie raises several important questions about responsibility, love, and friendship. It shows that hard decisions don’t wait for appropriate age and sometimes even teenagers have to make them.

In Summary

These films are about life choices and becoming an adult, that’s why every student should watch them before 25. They are well-directed and feature amazing actors. This is an ultimate recipe for a good night in. 

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Garon Cockrell7 Movies Every Student Should Watch Before They Turn 25