AEW Recap: Dynamite – December 18, 2019

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Kris Statlander

We’re starting HOT in Corpus Christi as the Lucha Bros, Adam Page and Kenny Omega are already in the ring.

Lucha Bros vs Adam Page/Kenny Omega

Crowd is really into this one. Fenix shows his quickness against Omega. Kenny tries to slow him down and attempts the One Winged Angel too early. Pentagon Jr and Page face off in a classic Greco Roman catchphrase contest. After a couple exchanges, Kenny comes in and the team chops the heck out of the Bros. A Tope from Omega draws an AEW chant. Page enters the fray but the Bros are able to get control. Omega is able to tag in but doesn’t fare so well either as Kenny takes a Tope as well. An image of Evil Uno appears which the announcers call“Technical Difficulties.” Omega finally gets a hot tag to Page and they clear house. After several more back and forth sequences, including a weird moment where it appeared the Bros botched a spot against Omega, Page accidentally lariats Omega to help Penta get the pin.

After the match. Page and Omega have some words but they are interrupted by PAC backstage who calls out Omega then seems to enter a locker room to assault Nakazawa. Omega takes off through the crowd, leaving Page in the ring. During the commercial, the Lucha Bros jump Omega backstage and Page makes the save. Then they search around for PAC with no success.

Butcher/Blade vs. Cody/Allin

Allin starts the match with little success, so Cody comes in to face the Butcher. A clothesline turns Cody inside out, and Rhodes is the face in peril for a while. Hot tag to Allin but he only gets a couple shots before the Butcher attacks. This kind of becomes a mess as Darby and Cody work with the larger, and slower Butcher. Darby totally misses a Tope on the Blade which looked like a rough bump, but he recovers to hit a Coffin Drop to the ring apron, taking out the Butcher. Cody is able to deliver a Diving Cutter on the Blade for the win.

We get a video package on Jungle Boy/Jack Perry. Still not sure what we’re calling him this week.

Kong is here with Brandi and someone else?

Awesome Kong vs. Miranda Alize

We don’t get much chance to know who Kong’s opponent is as she finishes this one quickly. We’re told the shaven one is Melanie Cruise.

Jungle Boy speaks! He tells JR he has a lot of respect for Jericho. He mentions that his dad, Luke Perry, would be proud of him tonight.

Chris Jericho vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

The Perry family is at ringside to really tug at the heartstrings. The story here is that Jungle Boy has ten minutes to last against Jericho. After some extracurricular activity the Inner Circle and Jurassic Express are banned from ringside. Perry has some moments, but Jericho mainly dominates. He puts Perry into the Walls until the time limit, but with no submission, Jericho demands five more minutes. With more time on the clock Perry gets some offense in, which causes Jericho to grab the belt and take off.

During commercial, Jericho returns and trash talks the Perrys. After the break Tony talks to Jericho. He brushes aside the previous events and focuses on his offer to Jon Moxley. Well, that was a strange way to button that segment. Thanks for coming, Luke Perry’s family.

SCU is backstage when the Lucha Bros call out Daniels, but instead of stepping up, he walks away.

By the way, 24 hours of Christmas Story is NEXT WEEK! I cannot wait.

Kris Statlander vs. Dr. Britt Baker

Kris Statlander

The Alien is your new #1 contender, and she gets a high heel in the eye for her effort.

A lot of catch-as-catch-can stuff early. Eventually, Baker gets the upper hand. Statlander has a couple moments of offense but Baker generally dominates. The Doc attempts the Lockjaw but Statlander counters into the Big Bang Theory for the upset win.

Tony attempts an interview but Brandi interrupts to confront Kris about joining the Collective. Statlander refuses and Brandi nails her in the eye with a stiletto heel. Vicious! Meanwhile, Britt Baker’s former push disappears into thin air.

In other news, Shawn Spears and Tully are still working on finding a new partner. While I ponder if I care about this, my mind drifts and I realize Shawn Spears calls himself the Perfect 10 and Tully was part of the Four Horsemen. Ten-Four. Whoa.

Anyway, after the break, we’re already in the ring with SCU and the Bucks. No entrances for the main event? Somebody missed some time cues tonight.

SCU vs. The Young Bucks – AEW tag team title match

The Bucks start hot, and dominate through the early minutes of the match. Lots of highflying spots from the Bucks and a few from Scorpio too. The champs are too much though and the Bucks take some nasty bumps before the SCU Later on Matt allows Sky and Kazarian to retain the belts.

Creepers enter the arena then the lights go out and the Dark Order approaches, telling the Bucks this isn’t recruitment. It’s initiation. The creepers enter and tussle with the teams. Alex Reynolds and John Silver enter without masks and appear to be part of the Order. The rest of the Elite (minus Page) runs in to help, but the Dark Order is too powerful. After beating down everyone, Uno gives Silver and Reynolds their purple masks. There was one other purple mask. I wonder who that is? Anyway, that’s it for this week. AEW is off for Christmas, and I am too! They’ll be back for New Year’s Day, but not me. I’ll see all of you for the January 8 show. Have a wonderful holiday.

UNTIL 2020!

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Rob HinesAEW Recap: Dynamite – December 18, 2019