Album Review: Parallel Person by Varsity

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I don’t know about you, but spring into summer is when I want to break out some indie music and drive around with the windows down. Varsity’s sophomore LP, Parallel Person, is that album.

The album almost takes you on a journey in that regard. We begin our drive with Gordi, You’re A Saint, which quickly became one of my favorites. It’s what indie should be — light, airy, with quintessential lyrics. Stephanie Smith’s voice seems effortless, in the best way. The music comes easy to her, and she is ready to deliver. Alone In My Principles, the final track, is what’s playing as you reach the destination on your journey — perhaps a sunset, or a beautiful view.

Must Be Nice, Krissy, and A Friend Named Paul were released ahead of the full album as singles. These tracks make up the middle of the album, and were good choices for preview tracks as they give a glimpse into the charm of the album. I’m particularly fond of Must Be Nice — I’m a sucker for a song that ends more mellow than it began.

Another favorite track of mine would be Isolation. It’s clear by now that I love a good summer vibe, and this song is like listening to sunlight. I love the soft backing vocals of Dylan Weschler, and cannot help but bop my head to the entire tune.

Varsity originally came onto the scene with So Sad, So Sad, a single that fit right in along other indie giants, and sounds like the perfect song to sway to at your local music festival. Since then, the Chicago group has put a self titled studio album, making Parallel Person the anticipated sequel.

The album is available as of today for purchase/streaming. So roll the windows down, get in the car with some friends, and turn on Parallel Person. You won’t regret it.

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Hannah WilsonAlbum Review: Parallel Person by Varsity