Album Review: What We’re Missing – Grayscale

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Grayscale, the alt-rock/ pop-punk outfit from Philadelphia, PA has just released their newest album, What We’re Missing. Available digitally and on CD/Vinyl, What We’re Missing is a tight nine song album with raw feelings. Grayscale definitely has that signature “catchy” pop-punk sound.

Check out their song Palette below:

“Palette is about feeling shut out or left behind from a relationship,” says vocalist Collin Walsh. “As the song progresses, the lyrics turn into a “realization” that the ending of the relationship was for the better. There are silver linings in everything, it just takes some time for them to surface.”

There is something in this album, but it never quite comes out. I can’t put my finger on it. I think this is a solid second album for the band, but as a pop-punk album it’s quite vanilla both musically and lyrically. There are some great hooks and catchy parts, but it never quite goes above and beyond. I would like to see Grayscale evolve as they make more music and grow as musicians because there is something there, unfortunately, just not on this album. It’s worth a listen to check out for yourself though. These guys seem to have some great energy and lots of potential talent. I’d love to see them play live. No doubt they’ll be touring later in 2016.

1. Tense
2. Palette
3. Midwest
4. Say Something
5. Change (Alternate Version)
6. Catholic
7. Bloom
8. Irish Curtains
9. August Love

For More Information:

What We’re Missing by Grayscale is a good album, but it isn’t quite there yet. While the pop-punk scene is littered with amazing bands and albums, this one seems to fall a little flat and seems generic at times. I’m excited to see what they put out in the future and will definitely check out new albums they put out.

Grayscale’s What We’re Missing is a 6 out of 10 Stars!


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Kyle DodsonAlbum Review: What We’re Missing – Grayscale