Arkham VR: the Closest Thing to Actually Being Batman

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Sure, a couple days ago I talked about making the Dark Knight’s choices in Telltale’s upcoming Batman game, but what if you really got to feel like you were Batman? What if you got to glide around Gotham city fighting The Joker and Poison Ivy, and it was like you were really there? What if you got to wear the cowl? That’s what Batman Arkham VR aims to do.

We don’t know much yet, aside from the fact that Rocksteady, the people behind the Arkham trilogy, will be working on it — so you know it will be good. Oh, and we know The Joker will be in it, seemingly played by the excellent Mark Hamill again (unless Troy Baker’s Joker has gotten so good you can hardly tell the difference). See what I’m talking about in this E3 teaser:


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Joe PortesArkham VR: the Closest Thing to Actually Being Batman