Evolution of Twitch

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Evolution of Twitch If you haven’t heard of Twitch, then where have you been for the past four years? Living under a rock? Twitch is the Amazon owned video game … Read More

Garon CockrellEvolution of Twitch

Music, Our Soul Food

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Music, Our Soul Food Numerous personalities who sustain their lifestyles through music understand the power and inspiration the melodious instruments instill in our souls. Music is food for our souls … Read More

Garon CockrellMusic, Our Soul Food

Coachella 2018, Why so popular?

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Coachella 2018, Why so popular? Coachella is the USA California Annual Music and Arts Carnival.  About 100 Popular musicians come to perform and mingle with fans. However, Coachella 2018 was … Read More

Garon CockrellCoachella 2018, Why so popular?