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Relying on music for that extra energy boost in the gym to give you a better workout experience is not a new idea. However, the same can’t be said about knowing the effects that different music genres, especially, hip-hop have on your workout experience.

Several studies indicate that when you listen to music while working out, you tend to shift your attention from your body to the track that you are enjoying. This implies that you will rarely feel the pain that your body is experiencing during your workout session.

These studies also indicated that when you listen to songs whose beats correspond to the pace of your exercise, the effect of the song means your workout improves. This is one reason why hip-hop has such an overwhelming effect on high-intensity exercises.

Picking the right hip-hop song to help your workout may be challenging. However, we suggest you try some of the ones listed below.


Hip-Hop is known for its fast rhythm and pauses between most of its tracks. These make them the perfect recipe for any workout session, especially high-intensity training. The pauses in each track can enhance your workout experiences when they coincide with the intervals between each workout routine.

Here are what we consider to be the best hip-hop workout songs of all time:

  • LOSE CONTROL (MISSY ELLIOT): We know that you are getting ready for what you hope to be your best workout experience so far. Hence, there is no better music to get you right in the zone than this Missy Elliot (ft. Fatman Scoop and Ciara) song. The theme suggests that you let go of every restriction and give it your all. Sounds like the perfect words to keep you motivated right? Feel free to give it a try. Check out this website for other forms of workout motivations.
  • I’LL FIND YOU (LECRAE): Thinking about a positive song with hopeful and amazing positive energy? Then this is the perfect song for you. It is no secret that Lecrae is probably one of the few positive artists out there. Combining this positivity with the sublime voice of Tori Kelly makes this track a banger. The theme may be misrepresenting but the content is full of life and hope. It encourages you to keep going for the person you love. It also has the perfect rhythm that fits perfectly into your high-intensity workout routines. We suggest you give this song a try.
  • B.O.B (OUTKAST): Next up on this list is this amazing song by Outkast. This song is known for its motivating lyrics that keep you determined to achieve your workout goals. With lyrics like “don’t come unprepared”, you are challenged to muster your energy before taking on the next workout routine. The theme of the song encourages you not to quit and keep going. It sounds like the perfect motivation booster you may need.


The secret of attaining the best results from any workout session is determination and consistency. Music gives you the perfect motivation you need to endure each workout session.


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