Blindspot Recap: Borrow or Rob

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Blindspot Episode recap: Borrow or Rob

This episode featured the return of one of Blindspot’s most annoying characters: Rich Dotcom.

We begin the episode seeing that Reade is still sleeping with the coke head, and indeed, he did partake.

Oh, Reade. No no no.

Patterson tells the group that her passing out was nothing, that the doctor said she was totally fine.


She gets told that if it’s in her head, then she needs to see a shrink. Ouch. Yeah, don’t see that one happening any time soon, given what happened with the last one…

The team assembles when Patterson tells the group that one of the tattoos has solved itself. An algorithm that was keyed to zinc hitting a certain price threshold hit that magic number. Something was going down that day, and since it was a Sandstorm tattoo, it had to be big.

The tat also had the logo of a college secret society. They were able to find a partial list of onetime members, and one name stood out as someone who was accessible–Gord Enver, AKA Rich Dotcom.



The Return of Rich Dotcom

So Rich’s latest gimmick is that he’s found religion. All of them. At once. What follows is a lot of Rich spouting bits and pieces of the holy texts of probably six different religions and a few fortune cookies for good measure.

When he finds out what he’s been brought into the office for, he lets some potentially useful information go, but then–of course–insists on going undercover. The group will infiltrate a big bash/meeting scheduled for that night as Rich and Boston’s (remember Rich’s boyfriend from the last time we saw him?) dates. Patterson goes as Boston’s date, but Rich insists that other than Jane, the only believable date for him would be Weller.



Memory Lane

While they hit the party, Jane, Nas, and Roman try to jog some of Jane and Roman’s memories. Nas has found a list of some of the properties Shepard has owned over the years and figures seeing them could trigger a memory.

None of the properties trigger anything, but stopping off at Jane’s for a moment’s rest triggers Roman’s memory when he sees flowers from Jane’s beau Oliver (the water guy). He remembers hiding out in a flower delivery van and stalking Taylor Shaw’s mother, then later killing her in a car accident. Jane makes Roman promise he won’t say anything, that she’ll break it to Weller herself.

Except, when she has the opportunity later to do it, she doesn’t. Ugh. More Secrets.

The prettiest date at the ball

Boston and Patterson get into the party easily, but of course Rich has a harder time getting him and Weller in because–surprise, surprise–he’s pissed people off over the years, and they hate him.

They go the long route, and end up busting their way into the party.

Everyone there knows Rich apparently likes his prostitutes, so they assume Weller is one–seeing as he’s muscular and good looking, and why would someone good looking willingly put up with Rich’s bullcrap. Weller graciously doesn’t correct anyone.

We get treated to Weller’s apparent dancing skills (who knew?) as they try to spy on the person they’ve identified as most likely to be their target. They’ve also figured out that the algorithm they found was predicting the best time to start a war for that zinc, so they hone in on the guy who’d most profit from cheap zinc.

Long story short, they picked the wrong target (the genius they picked had just sold his electric car business to someone else at the party. However, we later see that the original guy is actually in league with Sandstorm anyway). They follow another guy out of the party, a fight ensues, and the real bad guy finds Rich handcuffed to a metal art installation (where Weller put him for safe keeping). He brings Rich to the real objective, radioactive hazardous materials stored at the nearby college lab, which he plans to use as a dirty bomb that will get blamed on the country with the zinc he wants.

Of course, Weller saves the day. Patterson and the rest quickly figure out where Rich is and what the plan is, and they stop catastrophe from striking.

At the end of this, it almost looks like Rich is growing on Weller (like mold).

At the very end, we also see that original suspect I mentioned talking with a Sandstorm operative, and guess who it is?


Borden also manages to ratchet up the creepy to 11. The guy says he’d have never talked had he been found out, that he’d have died first.

Borden agrees. Yes, he’d certainly die first.


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JL JamiesonBlindspot Recap: Borrow or Rob