Blu-ray Review – Men & Chicken

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Men & Chicken

After the death of their father, Elias (Mads Mikkelsen, Hannibal, though I can assure you this role is as far from that as possible) and Gabriel (David Dencik) learn they are half-brothers who were adopted. With a little research, the harelipped brothers find that their biological father resides on a remote island called Ork. When they arrive at the old decrepit mansion, however, instead of their father, they find three more half-brothers even more peculiar than themselves. On first sight, they are attacked by their brothers but eventually allowed to join the household where Gabriel and Elias learn that they all suffer from madness to one degree or another. They also learn that their father’s career as a geneticist may have played a sinister hand in their state of being.

Men & Chicken has been rightly described as being like ‘The Three Stooges and The Island of Dr. Moreau’ mixed. It is an utterly bizarre, yet surprisingly sophisticated slapstick comedy, a thinking man’s Dumb and Dumber. Director Anders Thomas Jensen has won many, many Academy Awards and his talent is on full display in this beautifully off-kilter world he has created. The dialogue, even filtered through subtitles, will have you falling out of your seat with laughter.

The disc includes only trailers for special features, which isn’t that special. It does, however, include a lovely 24-page booklet of concept and production art from the film. You also get a Blu-ray copy, a DVD copy, and a digital download all in one and there is an alternate cover on the reverse of the film sleeve.

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Adam RuhlBlu-ray Review – Men & Chicken