Book: The Space Between the Stars (Anne Corlett)

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The Space Between the Stars

Anne Corlett


June 13th, 2017

Jamie Allenby originally went to work as a veteranerian on the far flung planet Soltaire to get a little space after a miscarriage made dealing with her feelings difficult. After a species-killing virus hits and only one in a million people survive she’s got more space than she’s comfortable with.

As she goes to the capitol city hoping to reach someone, she finds she’s not alone on the planet–two others have survived, and all three of them want to go back to Earth to find loved ones or familiar ground.

The Space Between the Stars is an interesting look at defining self and finding meaning when you’re only one of a few humans left alive. Jamie goes through a lot of character development as she examines what it is she really wants, and who she really wants to be. The apocalyptic virus also forces what humanity is left to show it’s true face.

Examining society’s expectations of people vs. what people actually want is an interesting topic that’s explored here, and Jamie tries to figure out what of her wants were actually her’s vs what others wanted of her.

Relatable, compelling characters and an interesting storyline.

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JL JamiesonBook: The Space Between the Stars (Anne Corlett)