Book: The Tiger and the Wolf (Adrian Tchaikovsky)

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the tiger and the wolf

The Tiger and the Wolf

Adrian Tchaikovsky


Publishing February 11, 2016

ISBN: 0230770061 (ISBN-13: 978-1509815104)


Maniye is torn between two tribes–her father is chieftain of the Wolf clan, and her Mother was queen of the Tiger. All humans can shape shift to their clan’s animal shape, but most are limited to one shape. People have been known to go mad with more than one soul warring for control.

Maniye has a secret–she can shift to both Tiger and Wolf. If the rest of the Wolf find out, they’d tear her to pieces.

Her Father has always been cold and distant to her, and the tribe’s Priest has been outright cruel. After her coming of age, she learns of her Father’s plans for her and flees. Now she runs from the killer her Father has sent to retrieve her, and from the choice she must make. The Tiger, or the Wolf?

A blazing new start to an epic series, the story unfolds with the grace of an old tale and the characters have a depth and dimension that speaks to Tchaikovsky’s skill as a storyteller. A definite must for your buy list.

(Also a gorgeous cover!)

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