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the-turnThe Turn

Kim Harrison

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February 7th, 2017


Meet Trisk: an elf struggling to be a successful scientist during a time when genetics was an old boys club.

She’s trying to come up with the answer to her species’ genetic problems, and monitor human science so it doesn’t accidentally annihilate her people.

Trisk has come up with a genetically hardy species of tomato, and successfully worked with a human scientist to make sure the tactical virus weapon he’s created isn’t a threat to Inderlanders–the different species hiding within human kind (that would be witches, vampires, weres and elves).

The only problem is Kalamack. He wants to either sabotage her work or steal it for his own.

The Turn is the prequel to Harrison’s Hollows series, and it shows the genesis of the T4 Angel virus and the ‘coming out’ of Inderlanders to human society. The T4 Angel tomato that Trisk creates is genetically bridged by Kalamack to combine with the tactical virus, and it wipes out a substantial portion of humankind.

We discover that Trisk and Kalamack are Trent Kalamack’s eventual parents–Trent is the sort of mob boss that Rachel clashes with throughout the Hollows series.

One thing is super clear in this book–Trent’s dad was an epic dick.

Trent (junior, from the rest of the Hollows books) seems to be a nice balance of his dad and his mother–he’s a ruthless jerk outwardly, but has a heart where no one can see it. You end up rooting for Trisk and her friends in this book, and booing his dad throughout.

It was great to finally get the full background on how the Turn came to be. There’s a lot of characters from the Hollows books that make an appearance here and there as well. Fans of the series will be pleased with this prequel.



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