Book: A Tyranny of Queens (Foz Meadows)

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A Tyranny of Queens

Foz Meadows

Angry Robot

May 2nd, 2017

Saffron is back on earth after walking between worlds to Kena. She’s had to come up with some awful stories to explain her scars, missing finger, and impressive tattoo. She’s trying her best to fit back in at school, but it seems some awful kids would rather latch on to her made up tale of being taken by a psychopath in order to make her miserable.

Too bad she can’t tell them the real story–that in another world, she’s afforded the courtesy of a Queen.

Back in Kena, Gwen is dealing with the aftermath of the mess former ruler Leoden left behind when he escaped through the world gate and his lover killed Saffron’s dear friend Zech.

This is book two in a series I’m really enjoying. As well as a fully diverse cast of characters, there’s beautiful examples of love in all stripes–including royal polyamory. Saffron is an imminently relatable character both for her teenage experience as well as her honest shock at being dumped into strange new worlds.

Everyone occasionally has a fantasy of escaping to another world (that’s what books do), and Saffron does it. While in the previous book, An Accident of Stars, she is as lost as anyone would be–in this book, she not only seems to be getting her footing quicker, she’s grown and evolved to be able to confidently figure out what she needs to do next.

Wonderful series, and one I’ll definitely be following.

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JL JamiesonBook: A Tyranny of Queens (Foz Meadows)