Book: Weaver’s Lament (Emma Newman)

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Weaver’s Lament

Emma Newman

October 17th, 2017

Charlotte has been worried about her brother since helping him with his examination to become a Magus. Now, he’s sent an urgent letter for her to come visit–and only her.

She’s been feeling more in control of her own powers since beginning secret tutelage with Magus Hopkins. She’s also waiting for her fiance to finally get his promotion so they can marry. No one can find out about her powers, or that marriage can never happen.

Charlotte’s brother has started working for a Magus she doesn’t trust. He’s helping run a fabric mill, and sabotage and death has everyone pointing fingers at suspected socialists. He wants Charlotte to go undercover to find out who is committing the sabotage. What she finds instead is far more sinister, and threatens to expose her powers.

Newman’s Industrial Magic series is continued in Weaver’s Lament, novella #2 in the series. It’s a series set around the age of the industrial revolution in a world where magic is real, and is an integral part of progress and industrialization. It’s a fun and engaging series, and my only disappointment is that both installments are novellas. It’s just too short for such a great series.

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JL JamiesonBook: Weaver’s Lament (Emma Newman)