Can’t Go on Holiday? Check Out These Popular Digital Destinations

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Can’t Go on Holiday? Check Out These Popular Digital Destinations

Times are such that, even if allowed, it is simply unsafe to physically travel the world.

More and more people are turning to living online. For example, there’s been a huge increase in online shopping users in the past month. Namely, a 33% year-on-year surge has been reported. It is evident that the internet is only our future, but also our present.

Similarly, a growing percentage of the population is deciding to travel online, too. Let’s see how that works and what holiday destinations online you can visit.

Why Travel Online?

When you googled this term a year ago, you were flooded with online booking services and online travel agencies.

However, the pandemic circumstances have impacted google searches, too. Everyone is looking for ways to have fun while staying safely at home.

Surely, some are lucky to be able to alleviate their wanderlust but most are obeying the rules.

Be that as it may, we decided to make it easier for you to find the perfect place to have a holiday at home.

Virtual Tours

Ever since the rise of the pandemic, museums and galleries have started opening their virtual doors.

With that in mind, you are now able to visit the British Museum, or the Louvre – in just a click. Therefore, virtual visitors can revel in a 360° view of entrance halls and royal rooms. Plus, all of them are free of charge.

Simply choose your favourite – Guggenheim, Musée d’Orsay, or Pergamon Museum, Berlin. Search the destination online and go for it.

What’s even better – you can roam the corridors of world-famous galleries on your mobile, too.

Online Holiday Destinations

But the selection doesn’t stop there. Namely, digital nomads and travel-hungry persons can also visit many countries online.

For instance, one can travel online by checking out the panorama views of many countries worldwide. To illustrate, Austria offers VR images online, as well as panoramic shots of outstanding landmarks. Similarly, Serbia allows 24/7 real-time virtual tours of its cities.

So, who says you don’t get to experience new countries during a pandemic? The digital world has way more to offer than we were aware of. And all that knowledge is at our fingertips.

Penny Auctions

A fun way to spend time online is to participate in penny auctions.

And no, these have nothing to do with foreclosure or the Great Depression. Instead, in the 21st century, people can bid pretty small sums in online auctions.

However, the main difference between real-life auctions and penny auctions is that the latter is noticeably less serious. Namely, participants are akin to live game show viewers. It’s much more about fun than making money.

To join an online penny auction, browse that term on the web and find the best site for you. For what it’s worth, penny auctions are legally not considered gambling as they do not rely on chance.

Online Gaming Sites

Nonetheless, if you are into online gaming, you may try your luck with online gambling venues. Online casinos UK cater to a broad range of online games, including slots, roulette, and blackjack.

If you’ve ever wondered how it felt going to a casino, this is your chance. What’s more, around 90% of these sites offer something called “live casinos”. In plain English, consumers get to experience lifelike, authentic land-based casinos from the comfort of their homes.

These gaming websites are a great way to have fun online. The best thing about them is that players can enjoy demo mode completely for free. Alternatively, they can play for real money on UK gambling sites, too.

Get Artistic

Being artistic online is an umbrella term for an infinite number of creative activities you can do on the web.

To start with, you may become a “meme lord” by manufacturing memes for online communities. You can either select a specific niche or create general public interest memes.

The great thing about memes is that they are universally funny. It takes a truly humorous person to make millions of people laugh. Therefore, it’s a fantastic opportunity to show off your funny bone.

Another attractive option concerns photography and painting. Numerous online platforms allow users to upload their art, viz. photos, portraits, landscapes, etc.

So, if you’ve always wanted recognition, you can now have it pretty easily. Moreover, seeing how speedy feedback has become, you may gain a significant following in just a few days.

There you have it. A handful of notable holiday destinations you can visit right now. And all you need to do is search the right query.

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Pop Culture BeastCan’t Go on Holiday? Check Out These Popular Digital Destinations