Check Out SUPERHOT’s Super Hot Release Trailer

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The SUPERHOT Team announced the release date for the their upcoming title, SUPERHOT. by releasing a new trailer.

You might be wondering what the hell SUPERHOT actually is aside from a first person shooter with a seemingly low polygon account. The world only moves when you do (something the trailer doesn’t really show). You move, your enemies move. You stand still and they do. The same thing goes for their attacks, letting you see the paths of their attacks and plan accordingly. There’s no ammo or health packs laying around to pick up. You use the environment and enemy weapons against them. It’s a rather interesting concept that, considering how graphic it might be to see the damage done with time frozen, explains the art style.

SUPERHOT is releasing on February 25th for the PC, Mac, and Linux.

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Jason ArriolaCheck Out SUPERHOT’s Super Hot Release Trailer