Comedy Release: Blake Wexler, Stuffed Boy

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Blake Wexler releases “Stuffed Boy” 07 September

Blake Wexler, chart-topping standup comedian’s sophomore album Stuffed Boy  (Audible, iTunes , Amazon) drops on September 7, 2018 on Audible. The album was recorded at UCB in Los Angeles and introduced by Todd Glass who left the 12 years of voice messages that Blake Wexler released for the world to hear. On Stuffed Boy, Wexler jokes about night terrors, taking PMS medication for a hangover, and his gleeful discovery of a legendary pitcher’s LinkedIn account. To close it all out, Blake tells a 17-minute deeply personal, emotional, and darkly funny story about a family illness.
Blake Wexler started doing stand-up at the age of 15 in Philadelphia, then moved to Boston in 2007 to pursue his comedy career and attend Emerson College. While at Emerson Blake was named as one of the funniest college students in the country at The Rooftop Aspen Comedy Festival two years in a row, and after graduating with degrees in journalism and political science he moved to Los Angeles. Since moving to LA, Blake has written for Comedy Central, guest starred in the final season of the critically acclaimed Review w/ Forrest MacNeil, was the first comedian/writer to appear on the new ABC/Snapchat show Watch Party: The Bachelor, and can be regularly heard on The Cracked Podcast & The Todd Glass Show. Blake’s debut stand-up comedy recording The Blake Album was near the top of on the iTunes charts in 2016, and his recent album “12 Years of Voicemails from Todd Glass to Blake Wexler” was #1 on iTunes & Amazon. He currently resides in Los Angeles.
Blake Wexler online:
Twitter: @blakewexler
Instagram: @blakewexler
I’ve been listening to this album, and while it doesn’t have me falling over in laughter, I’ve snorted a number of times, and have been *very* happy that I wasn’t drinking anything. I’d have needed to clean the screen, and be quite glad that my keyboard is water resistant if I had been. Blake has also released an album called “The Blake Album” (iTunes or Amazon) and the silly number of voice mails that Todd Glass left for Blake over the period of twelve years (!!). (iTunes and Amazon). I totally recommend checking Blake’s stuff out. It’s funny as hell, and will leave you quite tickled.
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Robin LynnComedy Release: Blake Wexler, Stuffed Boy