Book Review: Dope. Sick. Love. by J.A. Kazimer

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Dope. Sick. Love. is J. A. Kazimer’s first book in the Wilde Crimes series. Caleb Wile is getting his second chance at fame. But will a former junkie throw it all away again when his past comes back to haunt him?


Caleb is getting the second chance he never thought he’d get. After almost dying after the murder of his wife, losing his recording contract, and losing everything else he cared about, he just might make it. But he’ll have to stay away from the temptation that haunts his every step. Never losing the cravings for heroin makes it tough to be in the music business, it’s always available, and almost always free.


Caleb meets Zoë at an industry party, the beginning of his career relaunch. But is Zoë all she seems? She’s got the signs of a junkie, her ex is a junkie…If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…Maybe not though. Maybe she has another secret, a darker secret.


Caleb is also still trying to figure out who murdered his wife. While he was sleeping off a high, she was murdered in their apartment. And it had to have been someone she knew, someone she trusted. But who? And will Caleb figure it out before that same person tries killing him too?


Dope. Sick. Love is a great book. It’s a love story, although not a particularly wanted one, at least by Caleb. It’s a story of friendship and loyalty. It’s a mystery that just keeps getting deeper and more convoluted at every turn. The reveal of the mystery just kept unfolding and unfolding, I had no idea who it really was that masterminded the entire situation, and in fact, it wasn’t just one person. Which just added to the feeling of falling down into the rabbit hole.


I’ve read several of Ms Kazimer’s books, and have yet to be disappointed by any of them. Dope. Sick. Love. is probably my favorite of her books now. I’ll recommend it to anyone. Interest in the grittier side of the music scene? Read it. Like mysteries? Read it. Like twisted love stories? Read it. Like your books to have a bittersweet ending? Read it. Like feeling smacked in the face by a book, and then turning around to read it again just so you can really get all the details you might have missed? Read it twice.


Trust me. Just read it. You’ll thank me later.


Dope. Sick. Love.

J.A. Kazimer

ISBN: 1494309122

ISBN-13: 978-1494309121

Publisher: CreateSpace


PCB - 9 Stars

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Robin LynnBook Review: Dope. Sick. Love. by J.A. Kazimer