#FantasticFest 2017 Review: Junk Head

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Junk Head

In the far, far future, humans learned to extend their lives, but it cost them the ability to have children. They built clone workers who eventually rebelled; now the remaining humans live above while the mutated creatures live below. A human is sent from the surface on a secret mission, but is blown up while falling into the abyss. The mutants save the human’s life by putting his head into a robot child and he must navigate the underground world and its denizens to attempt to complete his mission.

Junk Head is an incredible technical achievement while also being an amazingly fun movie to watch. Extremely creatively designed creatures and robots abound in this world that plays visually like a feature-length stop-motion music video. The narrative style has all the hallmarks of a really intriguing anime while also being fantastically funny. This rich world is a feast for the eyes that moves at the frantic pace of an action adventure. Junk Head is destined to join the cannon of truly great post-apocalyptic, cyber punk films.

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Adam Ruhl#FantasticFest 2017 Review: Junk Head